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Friday, September 12, 2008


I posted (Tisha b'Av) on my Key to Redemption blog in August about the Ephraimite conference titled "I am Israel" which included the "March through the Arch" event. This event was covered by major media outlets including Fox news. You can see the video recap on the Messianic Israel Website. The following proclamation was issued at this conference.

The Proclamation of B'nai Ephraim

Written by Hale Harris
Sunday, 24 August 2008

The sons of Ephraim (B'nai Ephraim), being in exile among the nations, do hereby proclaim our desire to be recognized as members of the common-wealth of Israel. Having served our punishment, wherein we were not a people, we now humbly repent of our sins and the sins of our forefathers. Through our personal relationship with the God of Israel, we seek the full restoration of all things spoken by the prophets of the Holy Scriptures. We choose to honor, hear, and obey the God of Israel and the principles of life that He has established. We choose to walk in righteousness and to embrace the covenants of Israel. We reach out to our brothers, the sons of Judah, and affirm our love and support for them as we seek to join together and become the fully unified House of Israel. We pray that all Israel might stand together as members of her commonwealth, and that her full restoration might come swiftly by the Hand of the Almighty. Proclaimed and witnessed on this day of new beginnings, August 8, 2008, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America.

[Signed: Hale Harris, John Conrad, Scott Diffenderfer]

If you are unfamiliar with Ephraimites, it is worthwhile to read "Introduction to Ephraimite theology" on the right side bar.


Devash said...

"Through our personal relationship with the God of Israel...."

Of course they mean through Yushke.

Bar Kochba said...

How do they know that they are Ephraim? Is it just any xian or do they feel that they have some sort of genetic connection?

Geula Girl said...


They believe it is all xians and that they are "spiritual" decendents not "physical" decendents.