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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Aaron Murphy spoke at Ha'Ivri's Israel Advocacy Conference, as the representative of Hayovel. Here are a few things you should know about Murphy.

Before he removed his online footprint, as all people who are publicly associated with Hayovel do, Aaron Murphy had a facebook page in which he referred to himself as a "bond-servant of Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)" and in another place he listed his religion as "Hebrew Israelite".

According to the "new testament" xians are "grafted into the commonwealth of Israel". Some xians think this means spiritually but others like those of Hayovel believe that by worshipping yeshu, they become physically part of the people of Israel and are entitled to the inheritance promised to Avraham, i.e. the land of Israel.

Quotes from Hayovel volunteers,

The Brumlow Family
We are believer’s in Yahshua (Jesus) the Messiah, the Living Torah. We believe that Yahshua was YHWH incarnate. We believe that the Torah was given by YHWH as sep-apart instructions to keep his people set-apart. We are Sabbath keepers and are Torah observant and acknowledge that the more we walk in Torah, the more we understand the heart of our Abba YHWH. We practice the feasts and appointed times of Yahweh as we have been grafted in to His family and are a part of the house of Israel (Rom 11:17).

Stephanie Brumlow
I'm a redeemed daughter and humble servant to YHWH the Most High, an Israelite grafted in through the blood of Messiah keeping the commandments including the Sabbath and all the biblical feasts just as He did.

Barrett Warren

This is the most lenient position the Torah takes on going to war.  And it is only talking about the Nations outside of HaErets(the land).  So a strong argument can be made that the Palestinians, even though they are not Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites or Jebusites should be treated as if they are, because of the fact that they live in the land of our inheritance.

In this Hayovel promo video Murphy says the phrase "the restoration of all things" three times in less than one minute.

Tommy Waller writes on the Hayovel website about his Family Week 2013,
I think people left Family Week inspired to take on the challenge of submitting to authority. The fruit of that has the potential to produce healthy, productive individuals, families and communities equipped to take their part in the restoration of all things.

So what do Murphy, Hayovel and other so called "xian zionists" mean by "the restoration of all things". It is the process of setting up and preparing the 'kingdom of Israel" for yeshu's return and reign from Jerusalem. For a more detailed explanation on this idea see the page Restoration on this blog.

According to them, this restored kingdom of Israel will include xians but won't include Jews who don't believe in and worship yeshu.

A hebrew roots/messianic website sums it up well.
We believe that a great move of the Almighty YHVH Elohim is afoot on the earth today bringing about “the restoration of all things” before Messiah can return (Act 3:21). This involves the Jews coming to know Messiah Yeshua—the Living Torah—and Christians returning to YHVH's instructions in righteousness—the Written Torah, and all becoming one in Yeshua who was/is the Torah (Word) of YHVH made flesh.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Lawrence and Louise Hirsch founded Celebrate Messiah in 1995.  Celebrate Messiah  is an organization dedicated to the conversion of Jews in Australia and is associated with the missionary organization Chosen People Ministries.

Celebrate Messiah lists two messianic centers, one in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv on their website and missionary opportunities to Israel.

Lawrence Hirsch is also the representative for the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism for Australia and New Zealand and the President of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Australia.  

"Rabbi" Hirsch is the leader of messianic congregation Beit HaMashiach in Melbourne, Australia, which will be hosting a team from Tommy Waller's Hayovel organization this Shabbat.

A team from Hayovel has been on a speaking tour to New Zealand and Australia for the past month.  During Hayovel's speaking tours, they take up donations and recruit volunteers.

In this video Hirsch talks about his messianic congregration's success in converting Jews, and the new Messianic synagogue and community center he is building in the Jewish area (Caulfield) of Melbourne, Australia.

Hirsch also converts Jews in Israel and Russia 

In September 2004 Celebrate Messiah pioneered a new work amongst the "Forgotten Jews of Far East Russia" in the region of Birobidzhan (the Jewish Autonomous Region). Today Celebrate Messiah has a network of messianic outreaches and fellowships across the Far East of Russia, Siberia and the Ural mountains. Celebrate Messiah in Birobidzhan has a Messianic Synagogue in the heart of the Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia - Birobidzhan. Celebrate Messiah began an outreach ministry in this remote region of the Far East of Russia in September 2004.

Through our partnership with Chosen People Ministries we support and are actively involved in sharing the good news of Messiah with Jewish people in Israel.

On November 3, Hayovel spoke to Israel Focus Group "with group members now comprising messianic and gentile believers" at Greenlane Christian Centre. The Israel Focus Group is promoting Celebrate Messiah's Simcha 2013 event which will take place at Greelane Christian Centre.

On November 15, Hayovel spoke at Rosedale Bible Church.  The contact persons listed are Chris and Margaret Herud, who are on the board of Celebrate Messiah.

But Chris and Margaret's greater fame lies among Israeli travelers in New Zealand!  The Heruds have gained a sterling reputation among hundreds of Israelis who have had the pleasure of experiencing their sincere hospitality and loving witness.

Messianic Judaism was created to make xianity more palatable to Jews.  It's sole purpose was to be a tool for Jewish evangelism. Many of the churches Hayovel speaks to are Messianic or are connected to Messianic organizations.

For more on the damage done to our people by Chosen People Ministries see this report by Jewish Israel.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Let's be clear, even though some Jews choose to ignore it, Hagee, like all xians, has a biblical mandate to convert all peoples to his beliefs and "savior".  He doesn't even try to hide it.

"The mission of John Hagee Ministries is to aggressively fulfill the commission that Jesus Christ gave to His followers to go into the world and make disciples of all people. Our purpose is to bring the lost to Jesus Christ and to build up and encourage those who are already believers. We pledge to our viewers & supporters to take The Gospel to all the World and to all Generations."

According to xians, the best kind of Jew is one who believes in yeshu, which they refer to as a completed Jew. So, it is no surprise that at John Hagee's annual CUFI Night to Honor Israel 2013, the main musical performance was done by a gospel group called The Isaacs.  While introducing the Isaacs, John Hagee's son, Matthew makes it known that the Isaacs are descendants of holocaust survivors and xians. 

The group is made up of Lily Isaacs and her three grown children Ben, Sonya and Rebecca.

From the Isaacs website;
Lily Isaacs is a vocalist and matriarch of the group. She was born in Germany after World War II to two Polish Jewish Holocaust survivors and moved to the United States when she was 2 years old. She grew up in the Bronx, NY studying theatre and performing on Off Broadway and in 1968 recorded a folk album on Columbia Records with her friend as "Lily and Maria."  She became a Christian in 1971 when a death in the family brought her and patriarch Joe Isaacs to church for the first time. Soon after, they began singing Christian music and laid the foundation upon which the Isaacs ministry has been built.

Lily's testimony has been an inspiration to people around the world, so much that she has written an autobiography about her life's story.  Her love for Jesus has brought her through every chapter of her life and she loves to sing and share about His love.

Ben accepted Christ as a young boy and has always had a heart for ministry and helping people.  

Sonya believed on Christ at 6 years old.  She has dedicated her life to spreading the gospel and shining God's light wherever she goes.

Becky has a passion for the Lord and loves to minister through song and testimony. 

Becky has two children, Levi and Jacobi. So that is three generations of Jews lost to xianity and that is what is being celebrated by xians and Jews at A Night to Honor Israel.  As usual at the end of the program, Hagee calls up the representatives of Jewish/Israeli organizations to receive the checks he so graciously donates each year.

The 50,000 dollar recipients.

The 75,000 dollar recipients.

The 100,000 dollar recipients.

The 150,000 dollar recipients.

The Jewish Agency received 250,000 dollars but the big winner was Nefesh b'Nefesh which received half a million dollars.  Just look at how grateful Rabbi Yehoshua Fass and Tony Gelbart were.

Did any of these Jews think about the poor lost souls of the Isaacs family?  Or were they only thinking of the big fat checks they were getting? Do these Jews care at all that while xians are giving money with one hand they are stealing Jewish souls with the other?

The "new testament" teaches that yeshu came to break down the middle wall of separation between Jew and gentile so that he could create one new man. Many xians think they must finish the job for yeshu to return. Xian zionist "love" has done more to achieve this goal in the past 10 years than xianity did in the past two thousand.  I would imagine that when xians see a spectacle of Judeo-xian unity like Hagee's Night to Honor Israel, they must believe the second coming is just around the corner.

G-d decreed upon holy Israel that they must be separated from impurity and from the impure nations. The idolatry and foreign culture of the nations cannot coexist with G-d's Torah or with G-d himself.  (Rabbi Kahane z"l, Or HaRa'ayon)

Sunday, November 17, 2013


David Ha'Ivri and the Shomron Liaison Office have organized two events to take place Sunday, November 17, 2013 at a New York City synagogue.  In the afternoon from 2-5  there will be an Israel Advocacy Conference and in the evening there will be a wine tasting of Shomron wines. The purpose of these events is to bring together Jews and xians for Israel. 

According to the flyer Dave Fitzpatrick is representing something called Israel Heartland Lobby Initiative. I can't find anything on the internet about this Initiative but there is much about Dave Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick has spent the past two decades of his life involved with organizations, events and personalities whose sole purpose is to convert Jews to yeshu.

In 1991 a small group of members including Dave and Peggy Fitzpatrick, left Belmont Church to start a new church which eventually became Grace Center in Franklin TN. Belmont Church was led by Don Finto.  Since then Fitzpatrick and Finto have reconciled and Finto occassionally gives sermons at Grace Center.  Don Finto is associated with the NAR, New Apostolic Reformation, who believe the conversion of the Jewish people will trigger the Second Coming.

In a 2011 article, Rachel Tabachnick writes,

Apostle Don Finto, joined by Messianic Rabbi Marty Waldman, delivered the Israel prayer at Rick Perry's August 6 prayer rally; not John Hagee.  Finto is a leading figure in an international effort to encourage evangelicals to support Messianics and their ministries to evangelize Jews. (Messianic is the term for Jews who convert to Christianity but retain their Jewish identity.)  Finto did not change his message for Perry's religio-political event, but  prayed for Jews of Israel and the world to convert. The belief that the conversion of Jews is the trigger that will bring about the return of Jesus is part of the end times narrative being popularized by the apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

Here is a video of Don Finto at the prayer rally.

The article continues,

Don Finto authored a popular and widely distributed Christian Zionist book in 2001.  In it, he quotes Apostle Dan Juster, head of an international network of Messianic congregations and ministries.

"I have become convinced that Rabbinic Judaism is a more severe departure from biblical faith than I had ever realized in my early days of Jewish recovery...The atmosphere of New Testament carried on the spirit of the Hebrew Scriptures pervasively and profoundly.  The essence of Rabbinism is a severe departure, replacing revelation with human reason...We who are Jewish are biblical New Covenant Jews, not Rabbinic Jews!"

Your People Shall Be My People

This Don Finto book is the classic text on supporting Messianics, befriending Jews, and gaining access to Jewish communities for the purpose of leading them to Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew).  The name of the book is Your People Shall Be My People: How Israel, the Jews, and the Christian Church Will Come Together in the Last Days.  
The book lays out both the reasons and the instructions for supporting Messianic communities and ministries and for proselytizing Jews. It has been distributed internationally, including through the largest single Christian Zionist event, the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, co-founded and co-chaired by Robert Stearns. (Stearns served as one of John Hagee's CUFI directors and was also in attendance as Rick Perry's prayer rally.)

From 2003 until 2009, Fitzpatrick was listed on the board of an organization called the Israel Relief Fund,with Finto and another NAR leader James "Jim" Goll

Fitzpatrick has ties with Jim Goll, at least back to 1994.  Goll writes in his book, The Coming Israel Awakening;

In the summer of 1994, Dave Fitzpatrick, Avner Boskey, Richard Glickstein and I participated in Bernis's third festival, which was convened in Minsk the capital city of Belarus (White Russia).
We each had been involved in different prayer groups that conducted prophetic intercession for Israel and the Jewish people. But for a season we would be a team with specific prayer assignments.

Bernis is Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries. The festivals are events where Bernis preaches yeshu and converts people to xianity.  Bernis writes about the festivals in his book, A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days;

The miracle in the former Soviet Union was not that Jewish people were lining up to hear about Jesus.  The miracle was that the bias among Jewish people in the United States did not exist there. Jewish people were willing to come to our events knowing they would hear why we believed  Jesus was the Jewish messiah.  In each city of Eastern Europe where we brought the festivals, among the most moving experience for me was the opportunity to minister to Holocaust survivors.  With each festival we organized a special reception for Holocaust survivors and then seated them in a special section.  In the years between 1993 and 2000 when the festival ministry was at its height, we literally filled football stadiums.  At each event dozens of Holocaust survivors accepted the Lord.

Fitzpatrick is no longer the leader/preacher of Grace Center but is still involved with programs there. On October 6, 2013, he participated in the Global Day of Prayer event held at Grace Center. Todd McDowell served as Master of ceremonies and many pro-Israel xian leaders from Nashville were at this event including James Goll, Don Finto, Lynden Allen and Laurie Cardoza Moore.

Todd McDowell is the director of Finto's organization, The Caleb Company and is also on the board of Toward Jerusalem Council II. The vision of TJCII is to unite Jews and xians in order to usher in the second coming of yeshu.

This event was recorded live and can be viewed here. The event brings together messianic Jews and xian gentiles to pray for Israel.  The event was nearly 2.5 hours long.  I will touch on the most disturbing points.

At mark 0.52.00-1:00:00
They start the praying with the salvation of Israel.  

At mark 1:05:00
They bring up a missionary family to be prayed over.  This family just returned from 6 months of missionizing in Israel.  
McDowell says "They go intentionally to Israel preaching the gospel."

At mark 1:34:00 Fitzpatrick prays,
"We want to wrestle in the first visitation on churches, L-rd G-d, and synagogues. Father, we pray for a visitation in all synagogues within this city.  Would your spirit move upon them."

At mark 1:40.00- 1:52:07
Thomas Boehm, a jewish believer,  and Lyndon Allen a black xian preacher, speak about the unity between Jews and gentiles in yeshu which is referred to the One New Man. Thomas Boehm's father Frank is a former president of the Jewish Federation of Nashville. Frank cried when Thomas first told him that he was a believer in yeshu but eventually came around to accept it and now the two work together on behalf of Israel.  You can read about them here.

At mark 1:58.20-2:04:
Todd McDowell takes up donations that he will be taking to Israel with The Caleb Company in a couple of weeks. Those donations will be given, 10% to the Jewish community in Nashville, part to palestinian believers in Israel and the rest through a messianic organization in Ashdod to holocaust survivors. He claims the Israeli government asked a messianic leader in Ashdod to take care of these holocaust survivors.

For the past three months Fitzpatrick facilitated a learning program on Israel which brought in speakers to Grace Center every Wednesday night from August 25 until last week. Fitzpatrick writes in the ad for the series,

I am excited about facilitating a forum for various local leaders such as Don Finto, James Goll, Todd McDowell, Tommy Waller, and others along with hopefully bringing in some Washington D.C. connections like Bill Koenig. 

Here we see Fitzpatrick is still working with Don Finto and James Goll. Bill Koenig and Tommy Waller are also listed. Koenig is listed as a special guest at the at the second event, the evening wine reception. 

In an earlier ad Hayovel was listed as a sponsor.  They have been removed from the more recent ads, however, according to the facebook page of Hayovel volunteer, Jacob Meyers, he will be assisting Hayovel at the event.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Dean Bye runs a ministry called Return.  This ministry connects xian donors with Jews making aliyah under the guise of "blessing Israel".  Don't be fooled!  This is a missionary organization.

Return Ministry's vision:

Now is the Time! Return Ministries is focused on building bridges between the Jewish and Christian Communities and mobilizing the church to understand and embrace God's call to bless and serve Israel and the Jewish people. Return Ministries is committed to standing with Israel and the Jewish people as ambassadors and advocates for Israel. We will continue to initiate and participate in events here in Canada , Israel and other nations that will strengthen this unique and unprecedented bond between Jews and Christians - For such a time as this!

One of their projects is Project Return.

Project Return is about establishing positive relationship, while working together for Israel. It’s about breaking down the mistrust between the communities of Jew and Gentile.

Project Return is a call to those who sense a destiny in cooperating with God in fulfilling His Word. Return Ministries is a matchmaker in the vital process! We’ll unite individuals, families and congregations with Jewish people making Aliyah from North America. It’s all about building healthy relationships with Christians and Jews according to God’s Word. It’s about facilitating long-term, committed relationships that may even 
continue in Israel. Some might liken it to an adoption process.

According to the Jewish brochure, a Jew benefits from their ministry by receiving

- Communication: A listening ear and encouragement via e-mail, mail, phone. 
- Financial Assistance: For shipping, moving, medical, pets, & other. 
- Children 2 Children: Writing one another to learn about each other. 
- Gentile Bridge: Between you and family or friends still remaining in Diaspora. Prepared to assist them, too!

So, if a Jews take their money, they are agreeing to have a long term relationship with xians, letting their children have a long term relationship with xian children, and their extended family members having a long term relationship with xians.  This relationship will be used to influence and eventually convert Jews to xianity and this is all presented as a loving gift with no strings attached.

According to the gentile brochure, the xian is promised

Project Return gives you, your family and congregation a unique personal experience to draw from as you practically get involved with fulfilling God’s Word as it relates to the people of Israel making exodus from North America - ALIYAH. 

Project Return matches Christians who love Israel with Jewish people making Aliyah in order that they are: 

 Prayed for daily 
 Honoured before return to Israel 
 Blessed abundantly 
 Honoured when you go to Israel 
 Encouraged often 
 Building Relationships with us 
in greater understanding 
 Loved unconditionally 
 Communicated with regularly 
(Children can participate, too!

During these special encounters your family or congregation will learn about the significance of this work of God from a Jewish heart. 

Their ultimate goal is to break down the walls of separation and build bridges so that Jew and xian will be united as one people worshipping yeshu.  Once the wall of separation between Jew and xian is destroyed, xians are able to say to the Jew there is no difference between us, we worship the same G-d, we follow the same Bible.  The Jew begins to believe this, even seeing the xian as "brother".  This can only lead to idolatry and inter-marriage and xian knows this. A prime example is Bye's daughter, Deanna and son-in-law, Chaim. While on a trip to Israel to "serve the Jewish people", Deanna met Chaim an Israeli soldier, who believes yeshu is his messiah and l-rd. It was a match made in heaven.

In his newsletter, Bye writes,

You might say that Chaim and Deanna’s love of the God of Israel and His love for the land as the beginning for them of forging a united love for each another. 

Chaim and Deanna are now married and living happily in Israel.  They just had their first child in May of 2013.  This child, a xian born from intermarriage, will be raised as an Israeli Jew.  

Dean Bye's prayer request at the birth of the child,

Please join with us in prayer that Matiah (MahTeeAh) will not only be a sign and a wonder to Israel at a tender young age, but that he will grow up to be the Lord’s faithful witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. May this child participate with God in the restoration of the kingdom to Israel, all in preparation for the revealing of Messiah to Israel and the nations as we wait in hope and expectation for His coming to Jerusalem to rule and reign from David’s throne.  

Dean Bye and his Return Ministries brings xian donors on tours to Israel.  During this tour the donors get to meet the Jewish olim. These xians and Jewish olim spend a day or two touring Israel and bonding. This part of the tour is called the Destiny Experience.

Bye is in Israel on tour now and there is a destiny experience will be Thursday, November 7 and Friday, November 8.

The destiny experience will include a tour of Psagot winery, Elon Moreh, Shiloh and Har Bracha this Friday.

You can see a video here of a previous Destiny Experience.  Yes, that is Tommy Waller speaking to the group at the Psagot Winery. Tommy Waller has a long standing relationship with Dean Bye.

Friday, November 1, 2013


In July of this year, William "Bill" Koenig accompanied four Shomron leaders; Gershon Mesika, Yossi Dagan, Shai Attias, and David Ha'Ivri, to 20 meetings on Capitol Hill with senators, congressman and congresswomen.  Tommy Waller and the staff of Hayovel ministries along with the Shomron Regional Council coordinated the meetings. Koenig writes on his website,

I was present for 18 of the 20 meetings. I worked closely with the men in strategizing prior to the meetings, assisted in getting their message out as effectively as possible, added comments during some of the meetings, helped analyze how the meetings went, and suggested how to best handle the media messages with so many sensitivities internally and externally to Israel.
I look forward to working on the follow-up to the meetings, assisting in preparation of Congressional resolutions (mentioned below), and helping to coordinate future meetings and visits to Israel.

William Koenig background,
In a career change during the summer of 1996, William began publishing “Koenig’s Watch,” a weekly summary of important Middle East and world news. He moved the publication online in late 1996, expanding the coverage and becoming “Koenig International News” (
The news service has readers and e-mail subscribers in all 50 U.S. states and 105 countries.
In early 1999, William produced the audiotape, “Countdown 2000,” discussing ten major events to watch moving into the new century.
He moved his news organization to Washington, D.C., in 2001 and became a White House correspondent.
His experience at the White House has provided extraordinary behind-the-scenes experience and insight. He has learned much from the White House visits of world leaders, the daily routines and events of our nation’s capital, and some of the most significant news events in our nation’s history.
He writes a weekly 14-page news report called “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House,” that focuses on world news that is biblically relevant and White House news from a Christian perspective.
In 2001, he co-authored a book with John McTernan, Israel: The Blessing or the Curse.
In February 2004, he authored Eye to Eye - Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,” which was revised and updated in July 2006. The book is in its 14th printing.
He has traveled extensively to 49 U.S. states and 32 countries on six continents.
He was a member of First Baptist Dallas and Dallas Theological Seminary’s President’s Council before moving to Washington.
William and his wife, Claudia, reside in the Washington metropolitan area. They attend McLean Bible Church in McLean, Virginia.

The problem?  The xian agenda for future of Israel is notthe same as the Jewish agenda for the future of Israel and when these agenda's conflict, which is inevitable, all hell will break loose.

Find more videos like this on Jewish Israel

Koenig's involvement with Israeli leaders isn't new.  He was also involved with Joel Bell and the Worldwide Biblical Zionists. If you aren't familiar with Bell and the Worldwide Biblical Zionists, an arm of Likud, you can read more here. In this 2008 video Bell sums up the political agenda of xians working with Israeli leaders.  Speaking about the Likud party he says,
"If they get 40 seats they will be able to create a central right government that will be able to implement policy based on the covenant and the vision of the restoration of the House of Israel in bringing Judah, Joseph and Ephraim back to the land of Israel."

When he says "House of Israel", he is referring to a body made up of xians and Jews who believe in and worship yeshu as king and messiah of Israel and the son of G-d. Joseph and Ephraim refers to the "10 lost tribes" which he believes are represented by xians, whether the are from the lost tribes or not.

Xian aliyah is the top priority for xians working with Jewish leaders.  Conversion of Jews, Israeli Jews in particular, is still important as evidence by Koenig's remarks in the video above.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I have added a page on the right titled Introduction to "Two-House", ("Ephraimite" )Theology. This was a report done by Tomer Devorah in 2008.  Many of those who saw the report at the time didn't think it was a very big problem.  Here we are five years later and it is a HUGE problem.  Many of the xians in Israel today follow this theology.  Their goal is to unite Jews and xians into one people with one judeo-xian religion (worshiping yeshu) living in Eretz Yisrael.  The have accomplished an unbelievable amount in the past five years and I hope to continue posting on this subject.  I believe this is the greatest spiritual and physical threat to Am Yisrael at this time. Many of the links in the report were no longer active.  I tried to fix those.  While the majority of the personalities involved are still involved now, there are many others, which will be added soon. This is a must read to understand the beliefs and goals driving so called "xian lovers of Israel".

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hayovel's mission is all about the restoration of Israel.

Equip those who share a passion for Israel’s agricultural restoration to work within their communities to promote the work of HaYovel.

Experience the incredible restoration of the Land and People God has never forgotten.

We look forward to seeing you on the mountains of Samaria as together we walk out the prophetic restoration of the Land of Israel.

This documentary is sure to leave you with a desire to see the Restoration that is taking place in Israel with your own eyes!

Let's not forget the famous "Restoration" documentary the Waller Family participated in?

When asked by missionary Dean Bye about his motivation, Tommy Waller says "what we desire to do is to see Israel fully restored in every aspect of scripture".

While this sounds harmless, most Jews do not know or understand that there is a whole theology behind this word. According to this theology there are two parts to the restoration, a physical part and a spiritual part.

1.The physical restoration is the uniting of Jew and Gentile into "one new man" or one "House of Israel" in the land of Israel. They believe that yeshu came to break down the wall of separation between Jew and gentile and that they must continue this work in preparation for his return. They have taken on Hebrew names, customs, dress, speech, and claim to be coming to "learn from Jews".  All of this is to get closer to Jews in order to unite as one people.
        Activities that promote this goal are "building bridges",cultivating relationships with Jews, volunteering or "serving", donating money to Israeli groups and working towards xian/ephraimite aliyah. 

2. The spiritual restoration is when when the Jewish people are "restored" to their messiah yeshu, who is also G-d and the son of G-d, according to these xians.  Then a "restored" Israel, Jew and gentile worshipers of yeshu, will be prepared for redemption, which they believe is yeshu's return and reign from Jerusalem.
          -if they are ever allowed to make aliyah or even to live in the yishuvim on a permanent basis, then they will devote all efforts toward this goal.

They believe this "restoration" must take place before and for yeshu to return and that is why they are so determined and self sacrificing. They believe that the physical restoration will precede the spiritual restoration, which is why they have put proselytizing on the back burner so to speak. Right now they are laying the groundwork.  Hayovel has positioned themselves in Eretz Yisrael and they are working with Lars Enarson, who is training missionaries, called disciples, for the redemption of Israel. Enarson teaches that if he and his disciples don't succeed in the "restoration", G-d will completely destroy the world. 

Hayovel is only one of many groups working towards these same goals in Israel.