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Thursday, October 10, 2013


I have added a page on the right titled Introduction to "Two-House", ("Ephraimite" )Theology. This was a report done by Tomer Devorah in 2008.  Many of those who saw the report at the time didn't think it was a very big problem.  Here we are five years later and it is a HUGE problem.  Many of the xians in Israel today follow this theology.  Their goal is to unite Jews and xians into one people with one judeo-xian religion (worshiping yeshu) living in Eretz Yisrael.  The have accomplished an unbelievable amount in the past five years and I hope to continue posting on this subject.  I believe this is the greatest spiritual and physical threat to Am Yisrael at this time. Many of the links in the report were no longer active.  I tried to fix those.  While the majority of the personalities involved are still involved now, there are many others, which will be added soon. This is a must read to understand the beliefs and goals driving so called "xian lovers of Israel".

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hayovel's mission is all about the restoration of Israel.

Equip those who share a passion for Israel’s agricultural restoration to work within their communities to promote the work of HaYovel.

Experience the incredible restoration of the Land and People God has never forgotten.

We look forward to seeing you on the mountains of Samaria as together we walk out the prophetic restoration of the Land of Israel.

This documentary is sure to leave you with a desire to see the Restoration that is taking place in Israel with your own eyes!

Let's not forget the famous "Restoration" documentary the Waller Family participated in?

When asked by missionary Dean Bye about his motivation, Tommy Waller says "what we desire to do is to see Israel fully restored in every aspect of scripture".

While this sounds harmless, most Jews do not know or understand that there is a whole theology behind this word. According to this theology there are two parts to the restoration, a physical part and a spiritual part.

1.The physical restoration is the uniting of Jew and Gentile into "one new man" or one "House of Israel" in the land of Israel. They believe that yeshu came to break down the wall of separation between Jew and gentile and that they must continue this work in preparation for his return. They have taken on Hebrew names, customs, dress, speech, and claim to be coming to "learn from Jews".  All of this is to get closer to Jews in order to unite as one people.
        Activities that promote this goal are "building bridges",cultivating relationships with Jews, volunteering or "serving", donating money to Israeli groups and working towards xian/ephraimite aliyah. 

2. The spiritual restoration is when when the Jewish people are "restored" to their messiah yeshu, who is also G-d and the son of G-d, according to these xians.  Then a "restored" Israel, Jew and gentile worshipers of yeshu, will be prepared for redemption, which they believe is yeshu's return and reign from Jerusalem.
          -if they are ever allowed to make aliyah or even to live in the yishuvim on a permanent basis, then they will devote all efforts toward this goal.

They believe this "restoration" must take place before and for yeshu to return and that is why they are so determined and self sacrificing. They believe that the physical restoration will precede the spiritual restoration, which is why they have put proselytizing on the back burner so to speak. Right now they are laying the groundwork.  Hayovel has positioned themselves in Eretz Yisrael and they are working with Lars Enarson, who is training missionaries, called disciples, for the redemption of Israel. Enarson teaches that if he and his disciples don't succeed in the "restoration", G-d will completely destroy the world. 

Hayovel is only one of many groups working towards these same goals in Israel.