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ONE NEW MAN: Jew and gentile become equal, forming one nation in the belief of yeshu as G-d and mashiach.

BELIEVER: A xian, one who believes yeshu is G-d while at the same time believing he is also the son of G-d and the mashiach of the Jewish people.

HARVEST or SPIRITUAL HARVEST: Refers to the harvest of souls and means convincing a person to accept the belief that yeshu is G-d, the son of G-d and the Jewish mashiach.

THE COMMONWEALTH OF ISRAEL, THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, THE TWO-HOUSES OF ISRAEL, THE WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL: Jews and gentiles who believe in yeshu. They believe based on the New Testament that gentiles are "grafted in" to the people of Israel by their belief in yeshu. The remnant of Israel that will be redeemed at the time of the geula, that is referred to in the prophets will be made up of Jews and gentiles who worship yeshu.

COVENANT LAND: We hear "xian zionists" refer to Israel as a convenant land.  They say this instead of calling is a Jewish state because the land of Israel doesn't just belong to the Jews.  Hashem made a "covenant" with Avraham and promised that his descendants would inherit Eretz Yisrael.  They believe they are included in this covenant through yeshu therefore the land belongs to them too.

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