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Sunday, February 23, 2020

ICEJ International Christian Embassy Jerusalem


Esav has slowly over the past 30 years, infiltrated Israel and multiplied all under the guise of being our brother, who loves Israel and just wants to serve Israel.  The hidden goal was two fold, one to get a foothold in Eretz Yisrael and the other to bond with and attach to Am Yisrael. One organization that has been very successful at this is the ICEJ.  They do lots of humanitarian work in Israel and host the yearly "Feast of Tabernacles" event, including the idolatrous parade through the streets of Jerusalem.  In recent years, many religious Jews have taken their children to watch this parade thinking that it is just a show of love and support for Israel.  The ICEJ and their Jewish supporters claim they don't missionize and therefore are no threat to Israel and that we (the Jews) should embrace and welcome them. While these xians lie to our faces, this is what they really believe about missionizing;

Now if I said to my Jewish friends that in order to have a meaningful relationship with me, they must stop celebrating Shabbat, they would be horrified and reject such a position out of hand. But this is what some Jews are doing to Christians! They assert that no relationship between Jews and Christians can take place unless the Christians disavow missionary activity.
The Jewish world must know that the call to be obedient to world missions, including the Jewish world, is not a small matter that can be compromised. No, this call is a major tenet of our biblical faith (Romans 1:16; Matthew 28:18-20). It cannot be done away with easily, just as keeping Shabbat cannot be done away with easily. If pro-Israel Evangelicals reject this call they would be totally discredited in the wider Christian world.
This was written by former director of the ICEJ, Malcolm Hedding and is posted on the ICEJ website in the "christian zionism 101" category.

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