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Monday, August 26, 2013


I certainly don't want to spend my time investigating this garbage and I don't want to encourage any Jew to listen to or watch these idolatrous things but I don't feel I have a choice. As long as erev rav Jews are giving idol worshipers access to our holy land and our innocent helpless children, someone has to inform good Jews and try to put a stop to it. G-D TV which broadcasts xian programming 24 hours a day, organizes a tour of Israel each year.  This year they claim 950 tourists are on the tour. The tour is being launched today with a woship concert at the Tzemach Amphitheater at the Sea of Galilee. This concert will be broadcast live internationally at 19:30 Israel time. Kim Clement, a xian musician/worship leader and self-proclaimed prophet will be leading the avodah zara event. Clement tells his followers, which he calls warriors, that he has regular meetings with Israeli government officials including Nir Barkat. In 2011 G-D TV tour hosted the Kim Clement worship concert at the Tower of David in the Old City which Nir Barkat was scheduled to attend.  In this video promoting the 2011 tour, there is an interview with a Russian immigrant to Israel who is a Hebrew rapper for yeshu, which was supposedly prophesied by Clement.  Clement raises millions of dollars from xians by promising that if they donate money, which he then donates to Israeli organizations, they will be protected from their enemies. He, like many other missionaries use this money to buy their way into Israel, to missionize.  They like to donate to organizations that give them access to the weakest and poorest sectors of Israeli society, new immigrants, Ethiopians, holocaust survivors and children. Clement donates to International Fellowship of Christians and Jews - Israel Missions, Jewish Agency for Israel: North American Council - Ethiopian Jewish Children Shelters - Absorption Center and Shalva: The Association for Mentally & Physically Challenged Children.  If all of this wasn't enough, Kim Clement and his band visited the children of Shalva. It was reported in the Jerusalem Post and recorded on video.

For visitors to the Holy Land, a trip to Shalva presents an opportunity to see real life in Jerusalem and - for those interested in hands-on work - a chance to volunteer in the midst of dozens of children. Just this year, several Christian groups either visited or volunteered at Shalva joining the thousands of Jewish tour groups from abroad that have already learned about this hidden gem nestled in Jerusalem's hills.

Clement had an opportunity to bond with with the children and give them gifts. At one point in the video he is hugging a young man and his eyes are closed as if he is praying over him. He and his band then performed a concert of xian music, which he considers evangelizing. After the concert Kalman Samuels, founder and director of Shalva, says "This was an amazing, amazing concert for us. It was just an uplifting incredible experience. Thank you and may G-d bless you with continued success all over the world". In one place in the video Clement holds his hand on a childs head. This is referred to in xian circles as the "laying on of hands". It is usually accompanied by prayer for healing. Near the end of the video Clement not only has his arms around  two little girls, he kisses a little boy on the mouth.

He mentions in this video, recorded this past Shabbat in Jerusalem, that he has a vision to purchase property in Israel to build "a prophetic center" "to preach and bring the gospel". He needs to build this because "the prophet's feet must be in the holy land". When the xians tried to force us to convert we were willing to sacrifice our lives rather than betray the Torah and G-d. Now that they are coming out of "love" with gifts and money, we are willing to betray our Torah, our heritage, our G-d? With a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts? What would Hannah and her sons or Rabbi Akiva say if they could see this? 

Clement is not the only idolatrous missionary involved in this tour. I hope to post more throughout the week.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've seen many goyim come out of xianity and convert to Judaism without being coaxed out by a Rabbi or even a Jew. Some of these former xians never even knew a Jew before approaching a Rabbi for the purpose of learning for conversion. They were discouraged and turned away several times as was the custom of the Jewish people until recently.  If someone is sincerely searching for the truth, Hashem will lead them to it. Of course this was before certain Rabbis starting "teaching" in xian churches and hosting xian groups in Israel under the guise of "being a light unto the nations". So, you could see how I could wonder how a xian can "learn Torah" from an Orthodox Rabbi for 5 or 10 years and still believe his idolatrous beliefs. Then I heard that these Rabbis are telling the xians it's ok for them to be xians. It's ok for them to worship a man-god? It's ok for them to teach that the NT is the word of G-d? It's ok for them to spread lies throughout the world and pass it off as the truth? And these Rabbi's call xians righteous gentiles? I'm shocked. Even if it was ok, which I don't believe (see Idolatry and the Customs of the Nations, Torah for the Nations,  Christianity: OK for xians?, ), it isn't desirable to the creator of the world. It is hard enough to leave a false religion without a Jew, who is supposed to have the truth, telling you there's no need to leave it. These Rabbis are spreading darkness not light. They are also causing unnecessary pain to true bnai Noach and converts who left that false religion. Many bnai Noach feel lost and rejected because many Rabbis are spending all of their time teaching xians and some of the Rabbis who are teaching bnai Noach are teaching things that not only are not true but dangerous (see "the Torah of Shem). I understand that Hashem allows lies to be spread, as well as truth, to maintain free will but it is getting harder and harder to find the truth. Any sincere Rabbi who is teaching xians should keep the words of Rebbi Nachman in mind. Being a light unto the nations is not a commandment, it is a statement of fact. When we as a people keep mitzvot and serve Hashem we shine like a light of a lighthouse showing the correct path.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I wrote a post about missionary Jack Hayford commissioning his "watchmen on the walls" back in 2008. I asked why religious and government leaders would be involved with this endeavor? While researching Hayford I discovered that he had built four altars in Israel. I didn't blog about it at the time. I saw today that Hayford will be hosting a tour of Israel next April. Included in the tour are visits to these four altars. Does anyone know where these altars are?

We went with a sense of mission to exercise the practice of prophetic prayer, literally moving through the land to touch the North, South, East, and West. As a prayer team, we built altars at each of these boundaries of the nation, where we lifted up key issues to be proclaimed over the land. These are the same issues that need to be raised up over your life—kingdom principles that apply to all of us.

In the South, we built the Altar of TRUTH (Psalm 119:165), praying that Israel will honor the Word; that the Word be made alive—a veil removed to see more than words; to see truth: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).

In the East, we built the Altar of LIFE (Ezekiel 37:9,14), praying that there would come an outpouring of the Spirit according to Zechariah 12:10: “I will pour on Israel the Spirit of grace and supplication, and they will look upon Me whom they pierced.” 

In the North, we built the Altar of WORSHIP (Zechariah 14:16-18), praying in intercession that all who worship the Lord now in spirit and in truth would become a token invoking further grace, including breaking the drought in this land.

In the West, we built the Altar of PRAISE (Psalm 113:1-3), praying praise to drive back the darkness; praise for what has begun; and praise that Israel’s boundaries not only be secured but expanded in her mission to mankind.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The other speaker at Waller's Family Week was Lars Enarson.  He founded the Elijah Prayer Army 

Yeshua also told His disciples, “Indeed, Elijah is coming first and will restore all things (Mt 17:11). The Holy Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh and sons and daughters will prophecy. Like Elijah a righteous remnant will, in the midst of sin and darkness, give themselves to fervent, unceasing prayer, until the fire falls from heaven and turns the Jewish people to God.

Israel gave birth to the messianic assembly in the first century. It is the calling and destiny of the messianic assembly to give birth to Israel in the last.

The Elijah Prayer Army was launched in 1996, to specifically pray for the end time revival in Israel and the Middle East that will prepare the second coming of Messiah. We invite you to stand with us and thousands of other intercessors around the world, joining together in intercession as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem.

Enarson teaches  

To restore something means to bring something back to it's original condition or better. And friends this is what is going to happen in order to make ready a people prepared  for the lord we gonna see a restoration of what was in the beginning right here in Jerusalem because this is where it all began.

The first believers were totally a Jewish movement.  The church and Israel were not separated at that time. The fathers and children, talking about those who have come to faith and born again into the kingdom of G-d.  They were totally inside the Jewish people but later on the gospel began to reach out also to the gentiles then, as we have said before, the gentiles began to separate themselves from the Jewish people reject the Jewish people even begin to say that they have now replaced the Jewish people

Yeshu says there will be one flock and one shepherd. Both Jews and gentiles will come together under his leadership in the last days.  We have been made one body with the Jewish people. Together we share one l-rd and one messiah and he is going to bring that body together the one new man of Jew and gentile in the messiah as everything is culminating here in Jerusalem.  We have to be watchman now on the walls of Jerusalem, praying for this restoration G-d has promised because yeshu will not come back until the time has come for the restoration of all things.

In order to accomplish this, he is starting a commune in his native Sweden to train missionaries.  The plan is that recruits will live and learn on the commune for three years before they are sent out as missionaries.  Part of their training will include volunteering in Israel with Hayovel.  Here is how he describes the commune,

CITY ON A HILL: A Spirit-filled Torah Community for Training of Disciples Focused on the Redemption of Israel.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations … teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Our Master’s way of teaching and spreading His message was by training disciples and sending them out into the world to make more disciples. He spent three years together with them, and His disciples saw how He lived, how He acted in different situations, how He prayed, how He ate, and how He celebrated the Feasts and so on. They learned His teachings and how He applied them.

Our goal is for everyone to come with us to Israel, at least once a year. We will also partner with the ministry of HaYovel, joining them in the grape and olive harvest in Israel in the fall.

Aug 4- 11 There will be an event similar to the Wallers Family Week to inaugurate City on the Hill.  Brayden and Tali Waller are scheduled to speak there. 

(The link above has since been removed, which is typical so I am including here the screen shot.  Unfortunately it is in Swedish, but it states clearly the Brayden and Tali Waller are listed at this event along with Lars Enarson and his messianic son-in-law Doron Keidar.)

Friday, August 9, 2013


If you want to know what a Jew believes and where his motivation comes from, you look to who his rabbi is but if you want to know what a xian believes you must look to which "teachers" he invites to speak and teach in his church and at his conferences. If you read this blog in the past you know who Tommy Waller is.  If you don't, you can search him on this blog and on Jewish Israel. Tommy Waller hosts a week long event every year during Pessach called Family Week. His family, friends, and followers attend to learn from the latest "teachers" and to worship yeshu. Many of the attendees are volunteers for Hayovel.  The theme of Family Week this year was "Reclaiming Holy Ground".

Daniel Botkin was one of three speakers at Waller's Family Week.  Daniel Botkin has been a leader in the two-house movement for decades. He runs a messianic ministry Gates of Eden (update: site no longer exists) which has an outreach to Jews. 
"This space serves as an outreach center where Jewish people can hear about their Messiah, heathens can hear the gospel, and Christians can learn about their Hebrew roots."
He tells in this video about proselytizing Orthodox Jews while in Jerusalem. He mentions Tommy Waller in the video.  While he was missionizing Jews on the streets of Jerusalem, his twin daughters were volunteering with Hayovel.

Botkin wrote an article in 2002 called "Jewish People and the Two-House teaching"

I do not have as much contact with Jewish people now as I did in the past 
when I lived in Israel and New York, so I am not sure about the best way, if any, to 
approach the subject when speaking to Jews. We should be aware of the fact that 
Orthodox Jews do expect Mashiach (Messiah) to regather the twelve tribes. 
Perhaps it could be pointed out to them that the descendants of the tribes are 
indeed being regathered from among the Gentile nations as they come to Yeshua 
and into the Messianic Community. Centuries ago, when virtually all Gentile 
Christians just lived a typical Catholic or Protestant lifestyle, the suggestion would 
not have been so feasible. But now that so many Gentile Christians are embracing the 
Torah, honoring the true Sabbath, and celebrating the Biblical Feasts, the idea 
may not seem too far-fetched for Orthodox Jews to consider it. (Some already do 
believe it, by the way.) And if they are persuaded that many of these "Messianic 
Gentiles" are really descendants of the ten northern tribes and are awakening to their Israelite identity because of their faith in Yeshua of Nazareth, then they might also be persuaded to consider His Messianic claims more seriously than they did in the past, when they viewed Christianity as just another pagan religion.
So it seems to me the "two-house" theology was just another scam to convince Jews to believe in yeshu. The article continues
Two reasons that Orthodox Jews give to explain their refusal to consider the Messianic claims of Yeshua are: 1) He did not regather the tribes; and 2) He [allegedly] taught His followers to abandon the Torah. Both of these reasons are based on mistaken assumptions. The Two-House teaching presents a vision of Yeshua currently in the process of regathering the tribes and awakening them to their identity as Israelites. And as these "Messianic Gentiles" awaken, they also see that Yeshua did not teach against 
the Torah. On the contrary, He honored it, upheld it, and taught His disciples to obey it. As the Messianic Israel movement continues to grow, I believe that Jewish people will be more open to examining the Messianic claims of Yeshua."
"Speculating about our possible tribal identity can be harmless fun, providing we understand that a true Gentile (one without any Israelite ancestry whatsoever) is just as much an Israelite in God's eyes as those with physical ancestry. Paul told the "Gentiles" in Ephesus that they were no longer "aliens from the commonwealth of Israel" (Eph. 2:11-13). They were now a part of Israel as a result of their faith in 
Israel's Messiah, regardless of any physical Israelite ancestry or lack thereof. So on an individual level, we do not really need to know whether or not we, personally, have any physical Israelite ancestry." 

Wonder why so many xians are jumping on the messianic/ephriamite bandwagon?  Well according to Botkin if they don't, they won't have a place in Jerusalem with yeshu or in heaven.

"Christians need to be made to understand that they cannot be a partaker of the new covenant unless they are part of the house of Israel or the house of Judah. They may be of 100% Gentile ancestry, but they have to join themselves to one of the two houses in order to lay claim to any new covenant privilege or status. Even the true Gentile "companions" had to be in one of Ezekiel's two sticks. There was no third stick called "the stick for the Gentiles." The twelve gates of the New Jerusalem have the names of the twelve tribes written on them. There is no gate labeled "Gentiles." If Gentiles wish to enter the New Jerusalem, they will have to identify with one of the twelve tribes and pass through that tribe's gate. Once a Christian has been awakened to his spiritual identity as a full-fledged member of the house of Israel, it will be easier for him to relate to his Israelite heritage - Israel's Torah, Israel's Sabbath, Israel's history. Because the Christian is joined to Israel's Messiah, he is also joined to Israel. Israel's Torah, Israel's Sabbath, and Israel's history also become his Torah, his Sabbath, his history. He has not stolen these things from the Jews. He has inherited them as a join their by means of his adoption into the house of Israel through Israel's Messiah."  
In a more recent video teaching about why Jews don't believe in yeshu, Botkin says two disturbing things.  He says Jews don't believe in yeshu because of the satan and yeshu's second coming is dependent on "some significant portion of Jewish people" accepting him and welcoming him to Jerusalem.  

"Restoration" is a common theme among Messianics/ephraimites but most Jews don't really understand what this word means to xians.

 HaYovel – Serving Israel’s Farmers, is an all new documentary about the work that HaYovel is doing to serve the Jewish Farmers in the Heartland of Israel. This documentary is sure to leave you with a desire to see the Restoration that is taking place in Israel with your own eyes!

Hayovel-We believe God has brought this courageous group of men to the Land with a burning in their hearts for the restoration of Israel. The unity of the brethren, and the singleness of vision is a tremendous blessing to behold and be a part of.

The times that we are living in are extremely significant! There are prophecies that are being fulfilled as the beginning of the restoration of Israel is happening right now! The people of Israel need your support more than ever to physically stand with them on the mountains of Samaria!
If you would like to get your heart and hands involved in the Restoration of Israel, then come with us as together we bring in a bountiful grape harvest in the mountains of Samaria!

"Restoration" is also mentioned in the promo video for this years harvest with Hayovel.

Listen to Daniel Botkin describe the "restoration".

to be continued....

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I haven't posted on this blog in a very long time.  Part of that time I was taking a break from following and investigating the xians and their activities in Israel and with Jews.  The rest of the time I was just too busy to write and post about the information I was collecting.  Now that things are a bit calmer and the infiltration of xians is growing I feel I must return to blogging so that the information can reach more people.  There are so many different xian personalities, groups and agendas, one person can not keep track of them all.  I intend, Be'ezrat Hashem,  to focus on what I see is the most serious threat to my community and that is the xians/Ephraimites that want to make their home in Eretz Yisrael. Chodesh Tov to Am Yisrael.