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Friday, August 9, 2013


If you want to know what a Jew believes and where his motivation comes from, you look to who his rabbi is but if you want to know what a xian believes you must look to which "teachers" he invites to speak and teach in his church and at his conferences. If you read this blog in the past you know who Tommy Waller is.  If you don't, you can search him on this blog and on Jewish Israel. Tommy Waller hosts a week long event every year during Pessach called Family Week. His family, friends, and followers attend to learn from the latest "teachers" and to worship yeshu. Many of the attendees are volunteers for Hayovel.  The theme of Family Week this year was "Reclaiming Holy Ground".

Daniel Botkin was one of three speakers at Waller's Family Week.  Daniel Botkin has been a leader in the two-house movement for decades. He runs a messianic ministry Gates of Eden (update: site no longer exists) which has an outreach to Jews. 
"This space serves as an outreach center where Jewish people can hear about their Messiah, heathens can hear the gospel, and Christians can learn about their Hebrew roots."
He tells in this video about proselytizing Orthodox Jews while in Jerusalem. He mentions Tommy Waller in the video.  While he was missionizing Jews on the streets of Jerusalem, his twin daughters were volunteering with Hayovel.

Botkin wrote an article in 2002 called "Jewish People and the Two-House teaching"

I do not have as much contact with Jewish people now as I did in the past 
when I lived in Israel and New York, so I am not sure about the best way, if any, to 
approach the subject when speaking to Jews. We should be aware of the fact that 
Orthodox Jews do expect Mashiach (Messiah) to regather the twelve tribes. 
Perhaps it could be pointed out to them that the descendants of the tribes are 
indeed being regathered from among the Gentile nations as they come to Yeshua 
and into the Messianic Community. Centuries ago, when virtually all Gentile 
Christians just lived a typical Catholic or Protestant lifestyle, the suggestion would 
not have been so feasible. But now that so many Gentile Christians are embracing the 
Torah, honoring the true Sabbath, and celebrating the Biblical Feasts, the idea 
may not seem too far-fetched for Orthodox Jews to consider it. (Some already do 
believe it, by the way.) And if they are persuaded that many of these "Messianic 
Gentiles" are really descendants of the ten northern tribes and are awakening to their Israelite identity because of their faith in Yeshua of Nazareth, then they might also be persuaded to consider His Messianic claims more seriously than they did in the past, when they viewed Christianity as just another pagan religion.
So it seems to me the "two-house" theology was just another scam to convince Jews to believe in yeshu. The article continues
Two reasons that Orthodox Jews give to explain their refusal to consider the Messianic claims of Yeshua are: 1) He did not regather the tribes; and 2) He [allegedly] taught His followers to abandon the Torah. Both of these reasons are based on mistaken assumptions. The Two-House teaching presents a vision of Yeshua currently in the process of regathering the tribes and awakening them to their identity as Israelites. And as these "Messianic Gentiles" awaken, they also see that Yeshua did not teach against 
the Torah. On the contrary, He honored it, upheld it, and taught His disciples to obey it. As the Messianic Israel movement continues to grow, I believe that Jewish people will be more open to examining the Messianic claims of Yeshua."
"Speculating about our possible tribal identity can be harmless fun, providing we understand that a true Gentile (one without any Israelite ancestry whatsoever) is just as much an Israelite in God's eyes as those with physical ancestry. Paul told the "Gentiles" in Ephesus that they were no longer "aliens from the commonwealth of Israel" (Eph. 2:11-13). They were now a part of Israel as a result of their faith in 
Israel's Messiah, regardless of any physical Israelite ancestry or lack thereof. So on an individual level, we do not really need to know whether or not we, personally, have any physical Israelite ancestry." 

Wonder why so many xians are jumping on the messianic/ephriamite bandwagon?  Well according to Botkin if they don't, they won't have a place in Jerusalem with yeshu or in heaven.

"Christians need to be made to understand that they cannot be a partaker of the new covenant unless they are part of the house of Israel or the house of Judah. They may be of 100% Gentile ancestry, but they have to join themselves to one of the two houses in order to lay claim to any new covenant privilege or status. Even the true Gentile "companions" had to be in one of Ezekiel's two sticks. There was no third stick called "the stick for the Gentiles." The twelve gates of the New Jerusalem have the names of the twelve tribes written on them. There is no gate labeled "Gentiles." If Gentiles wish to enter the New Jerusalem, they will have to identify with one of the twelve tribes and pass through that tribe's gate. Once a Christian has been awakened to his spiritual identity as a full-fledged member of the house of Israel, it will be easier for him to relate to his Israelite heritage - Israel's Torah, Israel's Sabbath, Israel's history. Because the Christian is joined to Israel's Messiah, he is also joined to Israel. Israel's Torah, Israel's Sabbath, and Israel's history also become his Torah, his Sabbath, his history. He has not stolen these things from the Jews. He has inherited them as a join their by means of his adoption into the house of Israel through Israel's Messiah."  
In a more recent video teaching about why Jews don't believe in yeshu, Botkin says two disturbing things.  He says Jews don't believe in yeshu because of the satan and yeshu's second coming is dependent on "some significant portion of Jewish people" accepting him and welcoming him to Jerusalem.  

"Restoration" is a common theme among Messianics/ephraimites but most Jews don't really understand what this word means to xians.

 HaYovel – Serving Israel’s Farmers, is an all new documentary about the work that HaYovel is doing to serve the Jewish Farmers in the Heartland of Israel. This documentary is sure to leave you with a desire to see the Restoration that is taking place in Israel with your own eyes!

Hayovel-We believe God has brought this courageous group of men to the Land with a burning in their hearts for the restoration of Israel. The unity of the brethren, and the singleness of vision is a tremendous blessing to behold and be a part of.

The times that we are living in are extremely significant! There are prophecies that are being fulfilled as the beginning of the restoration of Israel is happening right now! The people of Israel need your support more than ever to physically stand with them on the mountains of Samaria!
If you would like to get your heart and hands involved in the Restoration of Israel, then come with us as together we bring in a bountiful grape harvest in the mountains of Samaria!

"Restoration" is also mentioned in the promo video for this years harvest with Hayovel.

Listen to Daniel Botkin describe the "restoration".

to be continued....

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