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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Keren HaShlichut is a messianic outreach to tribal nations. They teach tribal peoples a mixture of Judaism, xianity, and Hebrew. This is particularly troublesome when considering that recently tribal peoples who have Jewish customs are being considered as descendents of the 10 lost tribes.

Keren HaShlichut is an Israeli association of Messianic Jewish emissaries that was founded in 1999. Keren HaShlichut sends emissaries throughout the world in various educational and humanitarian relief efforts, in particular among indigenous tribal peoples. This includes bringing the message of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) both in words and in actions.

Mobilization Keren HaShlichut facilitates the sending of Messianic Jewish Israelis from Israel to the nations. In the last eight years, more than thirty emissaries sent by Keren HaShlichut have served among hundreds of
people groups in over seventy countries. These emissaries each served in their respective destinations for periods ranging from two weeks to one year.

There is a growing trend among indigenous tribal people to translate the Bible for themselves. In most of these cases, they already have a translation of the New Testament received at the hand of foreign missionaries. Many of these peoples are now initiating their own translation projects of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) led by native translators who previously served as assistants to foreign translators. We have two projects in process in Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia toward Israelis teaching biblical Hebrew to native translators and serving as consultants on issues of Jewish Israeli culture, history, nature, etc., and on Hebraic thought.

We provide fellowship for Israeli emissaries. We bring together Israelis serving around the world for times of discussion, teaching, sharing of reports from the field, mutual encouragement, and prayer. We are working to forge new bonds of relationship as we hold each other accountable before God to be faithful to our heritage as the redeemed remnant of Israel in blessing the nations.

The director of Keren HaShlichut is Gavriel Gefen. Gavriel was born in the United States and immigrated to Israel at the age of seventeen together with his family in 1983. Gavriel met his wife Tzofia in Israel. They have four children and live in central Jerusalem.

Monday, August 25, 2008


You are probably aware of Eddie Beckford, the missionary in Arad that has caused much trouble for Am Yisrael. He attacked and sued Yad L achim. Well he is now opening a xian school in the Negev.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


There was a debate on a blog in April about taking money from xtians. There was a Jew who took money from them
Who helped us? It was the Christians in our community. Food and money. No missionizing. I hear what you say, but I am not influenced by their help. I would rather die than become a Christian. I was motivated by the need to provide for my wife.

and when a fellow Jew tried to warn him he said the following in defense of the xtian
I have known the ***** family for a long time, and I can say that they have no intention of converting anybody. ***** is literally a sponge for yedda v'emet. Obviously, the same cannot be said about other fact, most. ****** is a friend to Israel and Jews, and shouldn't be seen as a threat or the enemy.

....a friend, (who happened to be a Christian), gave us money with no strings attached, from one friend to another! I will say that terrible time of need, there were 6 people who helped us. Two were Jews. Four were Christians who we had never met. Not one person has ever suggested that I 'consider' Jesus..or come to a church. No mention of anything religious of any kind. A simple, "We would like to help."

It is possible to be friends with a non-Jew and still retain your Jewish identity. They don't have leperosy, least ***** ***** and the others who helped us, have proven that they are loyal friends without an agenda.

This Jew posted the following on his blog last week
This is a very exciting post for me! I am proudly declaring myself a Messianic Jew. Through much study and prayer, it is an undeniable fact that Yeshua is the long-awaited Mashiach of the Jewish people. If he is not, then no one is and we are left without hope.

Some of my Jewish brothers will now consider me a christian. Let me be clear: I am not a christian, nor will I ever attend a christian church. I don’t mean to offend any of my Christian friends, however, I am a Jew. As a Jew, I observe Shabbat, remain kosher, and I now see that recognition of Yeshua as the Mashiach and Torah-observance are perfectly compatible.

As I write this, I fully recognize that I am choosing the unpopular position and am now considered a mumar. It is something that grieves me, however, I would rather be ‘right’ about Hashem and unpopular with man than miss all that G-d has in store for me and hold the popular position among men.

I wrote him and asked
Just to clarify, you now believe that G-d came to earth in the form of a man and died to atone for all sin?
August 21, 2008 3:49 PM

He wrote back

Geula girl, yes. That is exactly what I believe

Friday, August 22, 2008


Sar-El Tours is one of the leading travel agencies which caters to the evangelical Christian community. We have served some of the largest Christian ministries, churches, Bible schools and seminaries around the world. At Sar-El Tours we want to be more than just a tour company; we want to be a bridge between Israel and Christians around the world. Our goal is to help Christians create and maintain ties with the land of Israel. First, with the ancient stones and the timeless story they tell, and second, with the extraordinary stories that are the lives of the "living stones", the people of the land.

Samuel Smadja
…who is one of Israel’s most respected businessmen bearing a witness to Jesus (Yeshua) as the Messiah of the Jews. His father established one of Israel’s first Messianic Jewish congregations, and Samuel is steeped in a strong grasp of the keys to clear, biblical communication of the Gospel. We will be enriched as Samuel diagnoses and explains solutions to the toughest obstacles today for evangelism in Israel.

Day 1 Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, transfer to hotel in Ariel (Modern Capital of Samaria)

Day 2 Tel Shiloh, Mt. Garazim, Alon Moreh, Meeting with Settlers in a New Settlement, return to Ariel for Overnight

Day 3 In the Footsteps of Jesus in the Galilee: Boat ride on Sea of Galilee, Ancient Boat at Ginosar, Tabgha, Capernaum, Mt. Beatitudes, Bethsaida, Kursi

Day 4 The Northern Reaches of the Promised Land: Safed, Tel Dan, Golan Heights, Katzrin

Day 5 Come, Let Us Go Up to Jerusalem: Mt. Gilboa with panoramic view, Jordan Valley, Overnight at Kibbutz Guesthouse by the Dead Sea

Day 6 The Judean Wilderness: Qumran, Ein Gedi, Masada and climb down the Old Roman Ramp, Overnight in Arad

Day 7 Samaria: Hebron, Cave of Machpela, Jewish Quarter of Hebron, Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 8 In the Footsteps of Jesus-the Holy City: Mt. of Olives, Palm Sunday Road, Garden of Gethsemane, Via Dolorosa, Pool of Bethesda, Ecce Homo, Jewish Quarter, Cardo, Garden Tomb

Day 9 Jerusalem of Today, Bethlehem of Yesterday: Western Wall, Southern Steps, Temple Mount, Israel Museum-Shrine of the Book and Jerusalem Model in the time of the Second Temple, Yad Vashem, view Knesset, Bethlehem, Shepherd's Field

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tours in Israel are a booming business. Christians will pay any price to get the opportunity to speak with children, Holocaust survivors, soldiers and any "real" Jews. If they can talk to Jews then they can build a relationship which will lead to discussions of yeshu.

One tour company is JDI TOURS.

Serving churches and ministries has been JDI’s prime objective for more than a decade. Building on this cornerstone, JDI endeavors to strive for excellence in the travel industry and thereby impact the world with the gospel. Existing for this primary purpose....

At JDI, Bible Study Tours to Israel have been a vehicle for reaching out to Israel for more than a decade. Owners, who are Deacons in their home church, have been connected to Israel since 1935 when family members made Aliyah. Now with 3rd generation Sabras (natural born Israelis) in the Land, as a Believer owned and operated company combined with this background, JDI clearly understands Israel from a multi-faceted perspective.

Opportunities to minister

Humanitarian Outreach
Hospital Visits
Victims of Terror Organizations
Government Offices
Assisting Believers
Assisting Ministries
Building projects
Solidarity Missions
Blood Drives
Prayer Convocations
Joseph's Storehouse

Now that the xtians have become obsessed with the yishuvim, the tours not only include traditional xtian sites but also traditional jewish sites.

From a sample tour

DAY 3 – THE HEART OF ANCIENT ISRAEL - SAMARIA · Shiloh, Mt. Gerizim - Jacob's Well, Shechem · Visit contemporary Jewish settlement · Dinner and Overnight in the Galilee

From a 2006 tour

Day 11, Monday, November 5: Judea/Ariel. After breakfast, we begin our protected bus tour of Judea, which includes Herodian, Hebron, and Gush Etzion communities. Later, we will have a special opportunity to plant trees in Samaria. Overnight in Ariel. Eshel Hashomron.

Day 12, Tuesday, November 6: Samaria. Today we will have a unique opportunity to see Shilo, place of the Tabernacle, historical Bet El and current home of Arutz Sheva, and discover the ancient Samaritans. We will visit an outpost and meet Sondra Baras, Director of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities. We'll return to Jerusalem for our final overnight. Dan Panorama.

NORTHEREN CALIFORNIA CALVARY CHAPELS has a tour scheduled for December 1-12, 2008. This tour has Shiloh and Beth El on their itinerery.

from their website

Our Statement of Purpose for World Missions

After his ressurection, Jesus commanded His disciples to go into the whole world and preach the Gospel, making disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching them. Another time, as He was about to ascend into heaven, Jesus told His disciples they would soon receive power from on high and thus become His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Pictures from their 2005 Israel Tour

Keshet has long been the premiere provider of quality spiritual and educational Israel programs for Jewish communities, and is now available to provide its innovative and exciting Israel touring programs to Christian communities.

The senior staff of Keshet is comprised of Yitzhak Sokoloff, the founding director, plus Dr. Peter Abelow, Kayla Ship, and Danny Ehrlich, each of whom grew up in American Jewish synagogues and youth movements, and who chose to live and work as Jewish educators in Israel.

Let Keshet show you the real Israel:

Experience first hand what you have only imagined as you read the Bible
Walk in the footsteps of Jesus and the disciples in Jerusalem and the Galilee
Visit Mt. Of Olives, Mt. Zion, Gethsemane and the Western Wall
Explore the Golan Heights, Mt. Carmel, Sea of Galilee, Judea and Samaria
Meet with Jewish families in their homes
See Prophecy Fulfilled- See first hand the ingathering of Israel from the four corners of the earth
Participate in hands-on volunteer opportunities
Bless and Stand in Solidarity with the People of Israel Keshet we know that spiritual growth must involve more than Israel sites visits. We insist that you have a real experience of the Sabbath, as it exists only in Israel. We facilitate meetings with Israelis: Ethiopian Jews; communities in Judea and Samaria; Christians living and creating in The Land; Home Hospitality; visit to an army base to meet soldiers; Arab Christians. And more, so that you may come to know Prophecy up close and first hand.

Become part of a bridge that is being built between hearts to reclaim the friendship between Christians and Jews by creating ties not only to the land, but to the people.

I want to make Jews aware that xtians are being brought into the yishuvim so I will be posting upcoming tours that include visits to yishuvim. It is my hope that someone living in each yishuv will be informed and protest the exposure to these xtians and to their false beliefs.

Monday, August 18, 2008


The largest messianic congregation in Israel, King of Kings, is located in Binyan Clal.
They hold services in Hebrew on Friday and in English on Sunday in the Pavillion (on level P-1), which is an auditorium with seating for 600 that is rented out for conferences. It has its own media and recording studio. Take a

They own the top floor where the Pavillion Prayer Tower is located. Take a

Jerusalem Pavilion Prayer Tower is becoming a place of devoted Prayer without ceasing (Isaiah 62:7, 1. Tim. 5:17) until all Israel is saved (Rom. 11:26) and unending Worship (Psalms 27:4) in preparation for the day, when He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth (Isaiah 62:7).

What they believe
Situated as we are, in Jerusalem, we have a unique opportunity to express the reality of the “one new man,” spoken of in Ephesians 2:15.

While every congregation should have a heart for the Jewish people ( Romans 11:11 ) this is our particular burden and focus. This is not racial discrimination. In fact, we firmly believe that when Jewish people come to faith they will once again take up their role as a “light to the nations”. This will ultimately lead to salvation for Gentile nations, including the Arab peoples ( Romans 11:11-15 ).

We are working to restore the Hebrew roots of our faith.

* We sing from the Hebrew Scriptures and the Sh’mah
* We have weekly teaching from the Torah portion
* We often preach from or quote from the Hebrew Scriptures
* We celebrate the Feasts of the Lord.

Proclaiming the message:

We have also taken upon ourselves the task of helping the Church around the world recover her Hebrew roots and take up her obligation of supporting and reaching out to the Jewish people, to whom the church owes a great debt.

There is an incredibly diverse mix of nationalities represented in our congregation. So we work extra hard at being “one”
It is important to know
A large number of people who fellowship at King of Kings work within one of the many para-church ministries in Jerusalem, such as ICEJ, CFI, Bridges for Peace, Israel College of the Bible, etc. This provides us with opportunities to support each other in ministry, to pray for one another, and to learn how to complement one another, instead of competing.
Wayne Hilsden (Pastor) on how kok got started
" People often ask how did it begin and I tell this story and I'll make it really brief tonight. over twenty five years ago my wife and I were happy and content in Toronto, Ontario Canada. And what happened was I was a young adult pastor in downtown Toronto. My wife was the director of the main christian television network in Canada and we were having the time of our lives. We had two little kids.

It was great and then we went on vacation and we stopped at a congregation north of Toronto and we hardly knew the pastor and he preached a sermon. At the end of the service he was there shaking hands with people as they went out the door. He saw us and he said, "Would you come home for dinner?". So we went home for dinner, free meal. So, anyway, ha, over dinner, the pastor says to us, he says we're about to resign our congregation here,and we're about to move to Israel, and we actually got an invitation from the Israeli government from, from three different ministries in the government and they've, they've promised us a clergy visa and they even suggested that we start a congregation in Jerusalem. Would you and Anne come and help us start that congregation?

Most of you don't believe that, ha, some of you believe it. Most of you, I hope believe it, cause I said it, but, it's what happened. You know and before I even got on a plane to move to Israel, we already had a clergy visa stamped in our passport. That's unusual. It was an unusual favor and if that was the only sign, uh, then that wouldn't be enough. It was an amazing sign, that G-d had truly opened a door of opportunity to establish this congregation."

There are about 25 messianic congregations in Jerusalem according to Wayne Hilsden.


The goal of this blog is to expose the threat of Esav to Am Yisrael.