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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Keren HaShlichut is a messianic outreach to tribal nations. They teach tribal peoples a mixture of Judaism, xianity, and Hebrew. This is particularly troublesome when considering that recently tribal peoples who have Jewish customs are being considered as descendents of the 10 lost tribes.

Keren HaShlichut is an Israeli association of Messianic Jewish emissaries that was founded in 1999. Keren HaShlichut sends emissaries throughout the world in various educational and humanitarian relief efforts, in particular among indigenous tribal peoples. This includes bringing the message of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) both in words and in actions.

Mobilization Keren HaShlichut facilitates the sending of Messianic Jewish Israelis from Israel to the nations. In the last eight years, more than thirty emissaries sent by Keren HaShlichut have served among hundreds of
people groups in over seventy countries. These emissaries each served in their respective destinations for periods ranging from two weeks to one year.

There is a growing trend among indigenous tribal people to translate the Bible for themselves. In most of these cases, they already have a translation of the New Testament received at the hand of foreign missionaries. Many of these peoples are now initiating their own translation projects of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) led by native translators who previously served as assistants to foreign translators. We have two projects in process in Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia toward Israelis teaching biblical Hebrew to native translators and serving as consultants on issues of Jewish Israeli culture, history, nature, etc., and on Hebraic thought.

We provide fellowship for Israeli emissaries. We bring together Israelis serving around the world for times of discussion, teaching, sharing of reports from the field, mutual encouragement, and prayer. We are working to forge new bonds of relationship as we hold each other accountable before God to be faithful to our heritage as the redeemed remnant of Israel in blessing the nations.

The director of Keren HaShlichut is Gavriel Gefen. Gavriel was born in the United States and immigrated to Israel at the age of seventeen together with his family in 1983. Gavriel met his wife Tzofia in Israel. They have four children and live in central Jerusalem.

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