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Thursday, October 10, 2013


I have added a page on the right titled Introduction to "Two-House", ("Ephraimite" )Theology. This was a report done by Tomer Devorah in 2008.  Many of those who saw the report at the time didn't think it was a very big problem.  Here we are five years later and it is a HUGE problem.  Many of the xians in Israel today follow this theology.  Their goal is to unite Jews and xians into one people with one judeo-xian religion (worshiping yeshu) living in Eretz Yisrael.  The have accomplished an unbelievable amount in the past five years and I hope to continue posting on this subject.  I believe this is the greatest spiritual and physical threat to Am Yisrael at this time. Many of the links in the report were no longer active.  I tried to fix those.  While the majority of the personalities involved are still involved now, there are many others, which will be added soon. This is a must read to understand the beliefs and goals driving so called "xian lovers of Israel".

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Alexander said...

In the Webseite more information about missionary activities in Israel are available, in German.