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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Dean Bye runs a ministry called Return.  This ministry connects xian donors with Jews making aliyah under the guise of "blessing Israel".  Don't be fooled!  This is a missionary organization.

Return Ministry's vision:

Now is the Time! Return Ministries is focused on building bridges between the Jewish and Christian Communities and mobilizing the church to understand and embrace God's call to bless and serve Israel and the Jewish people. Return Ministries is committed to standing with Israel and the Jewish people as ambassadors and advocates for Israel. We will continue to initiate and participate in events here in Canada , Israel and other nations that will strengthen this unique and unprecedented bond between Jews and Christians - For such a time as this!

One of their projects is Project Return.

Project Return is about establishing positive relationship, while working together for Israel. It’s about breaking down the mistrust between the communities of Jew and Gentile.

Project Return is a call to those who sense a destiny in cooperating with God in fulfilling His Word. Return Ministries is a matchmaker in the vital process! We’ll unite individuals, families and congregations with Jewish people making Aliyah from North America. It’s all about building healthy relationships with Christians and Jews according to God’s Word. It’s about facilitating long-term, committed relationships that may even 
continue in Israel. Some might liken it to an adoption process.

According to the Jewish brochure, a Jew benefits from their ministry by receiving

- Communication: A listening ear and encouragement via e-mail, mail, phone. 
- Financial Assistance: For shipping, moving, medical, pets, & other. 
- Children 2 Children: Writing one another to learn about each other. 
- Gentile Bridge: Between you and family or friends still remaining in Diaspora. Prepared to assist them, too!

So, if a Jews take their money, they are agreeing to have a long term relationship with xians, letting their children have a long term relationship with xian children, and their extended family members having a long term relationship with xians.  This relationship will be used to influence and eventually convert Jews to xianity and this is all presented as a loving gift with no strings attached.

According to the gentile brochure, the xian is promised

Project Return gives you, your family and congregation a unique personal experience to draw from as you practically get involved with fulfilling God’s Word as it relates to the people of Israel making exodus from North America - ALIYAH. 

Project Return matches Christians who love Israel with Jewish people making Aliyah in order that they are: 

 Prayed for daily 
 Honoured before return to Israel 
 Blessed abundantly 
 Honoured when you go to Israel 
 Encouraged often 
 Building Relationships with us 
in greater understanding 
 Loved unconditionally 
 Communicated with regularly 
(Children can participate, too!

During these special encounters your family or congregation will learn about the significance of this work of God from a Jewish heart. 

Their ultimate goal is to break down the walls of separation and build bridges so that Jew and xian will be united as one people worshipping yeshu.  Once the wall of separation between Jew and xian is destroyed, xians are able to say to the Jew there is no difference between us, we worship the same G-d, we follow the same Bible.  The Jew begins to believe this, even seeing the xian as "brother".  This can only lead to idolatry and inter-marriage and xian knows this. A prime example is Bye's daughter, Deanna and son-in-law, Chaim. While on a trip to Israel to "serve the Jewish people", Deanna met Chaim an Israeli soldier, who believes yeshu is his messiah and l-rd. It was a match made in heaven.

In his newsletter, Bye writes,

You might say that Chaim and Deanna’s love of the God of Israel and His love for the land as the beginning for them of forging a united love for each another. 

Chaim and Deanna are now married and living happily in Israel.  They just had their first child in May of 2013.  This child, a xian born from intermarriage, will be raised as an Israeli Jew.  

Dean Bye's prayer request at the birth of the child,

Please join with us in prayer that Matiah (MahTeeAh) will not only be a sign and a wonder to Israel at a tender young age, but that he will grow up to be the Lord’s faithful witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. May this child participate with God in the restoration of the kingdom to Israel, all in preparation for the revealing of Messiah to Israel and the nations as we wait in hope and expectation for His coming to Jerusalem to rule and reign from David’s throne.  

Dean Bye and his Return Ministries brings xian donors on tours to Israel.  During this tour the donors get to meet the Jewish olim. These xians and Jewish olim spend a day or two touring Israel and bonding. This part of the tour is called the Destiny Experience.

Bye is in Israel on tour now and there is a destiny experience will be Thursday, November 7 and Friday, November 8.

The destiny experience will include a tour of Psagot winery, Elon Moreh, Shiloh and Har Bracha this Friday.

You can see a video here of a previous Destiny Experience.  Yes, that is Tommy Waller speaking to the group at the Psagot Winery. Tommy Waller has a long standing relationship with Dean Bye.

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