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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Lawrence and Louise Hirsch founded Celebrate Messiah in 1995.  Celebrate Messiah  is an organization dedicated to the conversion of Jews in Australia and is associated with the missionary organization Chosen People Ministries.

Celebrate Messiah lists two messianic centers, one in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv on their website and missionary opportunities to Israel.

Lawrence Hirsch is also the representative for the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism for Australia and New Zealand and the President of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Australia.  

"Rabbi" Hirsch is the leader of messianic congregation Beit HaMashiach in Melbourne, Australia, which will be hosting a team from Tommy Waller's Hayovel organization this Shabbat.

A team from Hayovel has been on a speaking tour to New Zealand and Australia for the past month.  During Hayovel's speaking tours, they take up donations and recruit volunteers.

In this video Hirsch talks about his messianic congregration's success in converting Jews, and the new Messianic synagogue and community center he is building in the Jewish area (Caulfield) of Melbourne, Australia.

Hirsch also converts Jews in Israel and Russia 

In September 2004 Celebrate Messiah pioneered a new work amongst the "Forgotten Jews of Far East Russia" in the region of Birobidzhan (the Jewish Autonomous Region). Today Celebrate Messiah has a network of messianic outreaches and fellowships across the Far East of Russia, Siberia and the Ural mountains. Celebrate Messiah in Birobidzhan has a Messianic Synagogue in the heart of the Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia - Birobidzhan. Celebrate Messiah began an outreach ministry in this remote region of the Far East of Russia in September 2004.

Through our partnership with Chosen People Ministries we support and are actively involved in sharing the good news of Messiah with Jewish people in Israel.

On November 3, Hayovel spoke to Israel Focus Group "with group members now comprising messianic and gentile believers" at Greenlane Christian Centre. The Israel Focus Group is promoting Celebrate Messiah's Simcha 2013 event which will take place at Greelane Christian Centre.

On November 15, Hayovel spoke at Rosedale Bible Church.  The contact persons listed are Chris and Margaret Herud, who are on the board of Celebrate Messiah.

But Chris and Margaret's greater fame lies among Israeli travelers in New Zealand!  The Heruds have gained a sterling reputation among hundreds of Israelis who have had the pleasure of experiencing their sincere hospitality and loving witness.

Messianic Judaism was created to make xianity more palatable to Jews.  It's sole purpose was to be a tool for Jewish evangelism. Many of the churches Hayovel speaks to are Messianic or are connected to Messianic organizations.

For more on the damage done to our people by Chosen People Ministries see this report by Jewish Israel.

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