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Monday, July 27, 2009


Every time I think the xian problem in this country can't get any worse, it does. The following article was posted on the ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) website
Messianic Jews in Israel launch special pre-army program
Friday, July 24, 2009
By: ICEJ News
Israeli believers see civil duty as an religious obligationThe IDF is drafting thousands of new recruits into its ranks this summer, including about 150 highly motivated Messianic Jewish believers, some 28 of whom recently participated in a pre-army prep program started by Messianic veterans called Netsor (Hebrew for "to guard").

For Messianic Jews, military service in the IDF is not only a mandatory civil duty, it is a religious obligation right out of the New Testament. The program teaches the young people about to enter the IDF what the Bible says about military service, including the admonition of Romans (13:1-7) not to resist political authority, because it is "the ordinance of God."

Colossians (3:22-23) also teaches that a believer in Jesus must strive to be a faithful servant of one's superiors, not for personal aggrandizement but to serve God.

"I am a soldier of God," Boris, a young Israeli believer headed for an elite combat unit, told The Jerusalem Post. "I will do my best during my service in the IDF to serve God spiritually and physically.

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