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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spitting is the least of it

Larry Derfner wrote a piece in the JPost this week entitled "Mouths Filled with Hatred." In it, he reports on instances where Xian clergy have witnessed religious Jews spitting in their vicinity. As far as I recall, he didn't accuse anyone of actually spitting on these cross-bearing individuals, and if he had it would no doubt be a lie, because it's not something that Jews do, even when provoked.

He obviously disapproves and sympathizes with the poor, long-suffering Xians, but surely this is only because he does not understand that spitting is the least of what could happen. Western-acculturated people can not imagine in their wildest dreams just how repugnant the Xian religion is to G-d and by extension to His children, the Jews. Parading these symbols (crucifixes) around the city most holy to Jews who denounce idolatry at least twice every day with the recitation of the Shema, is particularly provocative.

When the Temple is rebuilt and the Sanhedrin is properly seated and the Torah is the law of the land, all of these people will be deported and their idolatry destroyed from the Holy Land.

Like every other normal, Torah-true Jew, I pray for that day to come.

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