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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The War with Eisav

We're all very cognizant of the war with Yishmael (Islam), but there is also a war on with Eisav (Xianity). While the Left-wing goes about giving Eretz Yisrael away to the Yishmaelim, the Right-wing, unnoticed by all but a few, is just as busy giving it all away to Eisav's children.

Don Esposito writes to his students and supporters on Dec. 9, 2009:

"...I wanted to update you on the latest happenings here in the land and let you know that we have officially sealed the deal with the Jewish agency to be able to bring believers (i.e. Xians) over to Israel for anywhere from 9 months up to 2 years.

...(participants) will learn what it means to prepare to be a King and a Priest in Yahweh’s soon coming Kingdom,.... Those that are involved in professional or medical fields will have the greatest opportunity to stay on for a longer time."

You see, the so-called Xian "Zionists" who have hoodwinked so many religious Jews into believing that they are our strongest and most supportive "friends" are in actuality competitors for our heritage. While the traditional mainline Xians are back home making anti-Israel statements, the Evangelical Xian "Zionists" have come to stake their claim on the Land itself!

Excerpted from Don Esposito's "Return to the Land Program":

"Come and experience the fullness of learning about the land of our inheritance through the most unique program in all of Israel that will change your life forever.

Return To the Land is a program designed by Hayahad Bible Seminars in conjunction with the Jewish Agency...."

A separate section of the booklet is entitled "Become an Ambassador for Israel." Of course, the gullible people at the Jewish Agency and the ministry of Tourism think this means these good Xian "Zionists" will go back to their countries of origin after completing this lengthy program and become spokespeople on behalf of Israel to the nations; defending our cause. But those familiar with Xian double-speak understand. They quote the New Testament...

"2 Cor 5:20 - Then on behalf of Messiah, we are ambassadors, as Yahweh is exhorting through us. Rev 5: 20 and made us kings and priests to our Elohim; and we shall reign on the earth. Scripture clearly tells us that to be true believers we will be Kings and Priests of the Most High Elohim in His Kingdom and that we are now Ambassadors for Yahweh’s soon coming Kingdom (i.e., Yeshu rule). To this end, we will teach and train our students how to prepare for this most important job. Ambassadors are not just sent, but they must be trained for the position and country that they are going to. "

Translation: (According to their belief system) when Yeshu returns, he will be ruling the world from Jerusalem. As believers in him (good xians all) they are promised to rule alongside him as kings. Until then, they represent him and his message to the world, especially in Israel, which will soon belong to them.

They just can't wait for him to get here. They want to set up shop right now! And damned if they haven't!!

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