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Friday, September 20, 2013


Xians have always been deceptive and manipulative in their conversion efforts towards Jews but with "Messianic Judaism" they hit the jackpot. Many Jews mistakenly believe that "messianic Judaism" is a stepping stone to the truth of Judaism for goyim. While some converts did pass through "messianic judaism" on their journey from the church to the synagogue, they are few and far between and this happened mostly in the 90's when mainstream Judaism saw "messianic judaism" as a missionary tactic. Hashem brought true truth seekers out of xianity to Judaism or Bnai Noach in spite of "messianic judaism" not because of it. The proof of this is the tens of thousands who have been exposed to Judaism, some even learned from Rabbis for years, and yet are still messianic, still worshiping their false g-d. Many more Jews have crosssed the "messianic judaism" bridge to xianity than the other way around. Messianics are the most extreme in their beliefs devoting all their money and effort and lives to converting Jews. They believe they are soldiers for yeshu fighting a spiritual battle and we need to wake up and fight back. They are the most dangerous threat to our people specifically because most Jews don't see them as a threat. They come as "loving brothers" to serve and save us. They speak like Jews, dress like Jews and act like Jews. They tell Jews that "messianic Judaism" is just another stream of Judaism. If a Jew accepts the "Rabbi Yeshua as his messiah" he becomes a completed Jew not a xian, according to their logic. This is the greatest threat to the Jewish people in our generation, not Iran or Syria or the palestinians. Those enemies only want to kill us physically and most Jews know they are enemies and Hashem will be with us to fight these enemies but the messianics want to kill us spiritually. They know what Bilaam knew, that the Am Yisrael can't be defeated because Hashem is with us. The key is to turn Am Yisrael to idolatry so Hashem will leave us then they can defeat us. So this is what the daughters of Moav did. They enticed Am Yisrael with love and affection and once they were bonded to them, they persuaded them to idolatry, then they lost the protection of Hashem and could be defeated. Baruch Hashem, there was one who saw the threat and was zealous for Hashem, Pinchas. His one act of courage saved us all. The worst part is there are Jews helping them. The messianics learn from religious Jews how to act, dress and speak so they can better deceive less educated Jews. Their leaders can quote the Talmud and their "churchs" appear as synagogues in every way. Fellow Jews, wake up before it is too late!

New Brooklyn Messianic Center Set to Missionize Orthodox Neighbors

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Alexander Scheiner, Israel said...

Those people are readily accepted namely among very liberal jews. Most of "liberal jews" have lost all connections with our history, Talmud and have no clue about our religion.

Unfortunately some of them are organized as "Jews for Peace" in the USA and "Rabies for Human Rights" in Israel. These people are openly pro-Palestinian and oppose Israel un every possible way.