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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Xians believe their main mission in life is to "make disciples of all nations" but converting a Jew is the ultimate success in this mission.  To accomplish this,  xian organizations have spent much time and money over the last century.  At some point some xians realized that Jews would never accept a messiah who didn't resemble a Jew in any way.  They decided they had to re-brand jesus to be more appealing to Jews.  So he became yeshua, the torah observant, hebrew speaking, tsit-tsit wearing rabbi, messiah of the Jewish people.  They changed their day of worship from Sunday to Saturday, sang hymns in Hebrew, put on kippot and tallitot. They printed the New Testament in Hebrew and called it the  "brit hadashah". Their churches became "congregations" and their preachers became "rabbis". This led to a new stream of xianity, a Jewish xianity referred to as Messianic Judaism or Hebrew Roots.  Some messianics even went so far as to pay crooked rabbis for fake conversions to Judaism in order to make aliyah so they could live amongst, and spiritually influence Israeli Jews.  Now the children of those messianics are grown and very Israeli. They were born and raised in Israel. They speak fluent Hebrew and serve in the IDF.  Even though they are xian in their beliefs, many Israelis accept them as "brothers" and defend their right to their beliefs. They have been joined by xian immigrants from Russian, America and Europe who may or may not be Jewish according to halachah.  This has led to an explosion of Jews in Israel "converting" to xianity through Messianic Judaism.  All  messianics will tell you they don't missionize or try to convert Jews because they believe a Jew who accepts yeshu becomes a "completed Jew" not a xian. They claim Messianic Judaism is just another stream of Judaism like Conservative or Reform. It is NOT another stream of Judaism!  It's basic tenets are xianity and considered idolatry according to the Torah. Messianic Judaism has achieved in the past three decades what traditional xianity wasn't able to achieve in 2000 years and it is rapidly spreading throughout Israel.


According to many xians, Jews haven't accept yeshu for two reasons.  One being he was always presented as a xian goy.  The solution to this was addressed above.  The second is because of the horrible things done to Jews throughout the centuries in the name of xianity.  The solution to this is to love, love, love and support Jews, then they will "open their hearts to the good news of yeshu who can heal all their wounds and solve all their problems". To accomplish this they have created humanitarian organizations.


They prey on the weak and vulnerable sectors of Israeli society; holocaust survivors, widows and orphans, lone soldiers, the poor, victims of terror and new immigrants particularly Ethiopian and Russion Jews with little religious education. They offer them love, friendship and financial assistance.  Of course the string attached is yeshu.  According to the messianic video below, 90 % of the members of an Ethiopian messianic congregation in Tel Aviv accepted yeshu and became messianic after making aliyah.


Messianics are always on the cutting edge when it comes to converting Jews. They reach the secular Israeli youth through facebook, concerts and music videos.


They even have "outreaches" specifically targeting those Israelis that travel to India after their IDF service looking for a spiritual experience. Here is another one, and another one and another one.

Why should you care?
Messianics are the most deceptive, manipulative and dangerous of all xians.  They have removed all signs of traditional xianity and replaced them with Jewish symbols, clothing, speech even holidays for the sole purpose luring uneducated and unsuspecting Jews to xianity. They use our own teachings a prophecies to try to convince our people of their false theology. They are worse than murderers because if a Jew is murdered for being a Jew he dies al kiddush Hashem but if a Jew accepts yeshu as G-d, the son of G-d and mashiach, he receives the punishment of karet. Thirty years ago Messianic Judaism/Hebrew Roots was a fringe movement but it has spread through many mainstream denominations such as Baptist, Evangelical and Pentecostal. Unfortunately most so called xian zionists are affiliated with, associated with or connected to Messianic Judaism/Hebrew Roots Movements.


Devorah Chayah said...

Excellent report. The videos are particularly informative (and scary).

Thank you for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Frightening, to say the least. The reason it's so easy for them to infiltrate in Israel is because they seem to have the backing of its government and all the likely high places; otherwise, they would have been expelled and laws enforced against this evil. Jews need to be exposed to what is really happening under their nose. The typical Israeli seems not to be aware of what is happening. Most likely, organizations such as Yad L'Achim and others are doing their best, but have to withstand obstacles placed before them because of the laxity and unwillingness of government who are involved, including the notorious court system, etc.,etc. May this New Year bring us the geulah b'rachamim and all this will be gone, once and for all.