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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Mike Clayton is a "hebrew roots" teacher (formerly know as a messianic).  He served as a spiritual advisor and teacher to the Hayovel group while they were in Israel in 2012 and 2013. He believes, as do Hayovel volunteers and other so called xian zionists, that he is part of the people of Israel and that the land of Israel is his home and inheritance. He states this very clearly in the following video of him speaking to the Hayovel volunteers in 2013 in the Old City.

Mike Clayton is hosting an Israel tour in November. The tour will visit Har Bracha, probably to among other yishuvim.

There is a growing movement (a new xianity) that believes that xians and Jews must unite as one people in the land of Israel for yeshu to return.  Clayton is part of this movement. The first stage is what they call the physical restoration, the building up of Eretz Yisrael, the reconciliation of Jews and xians and the return of Jews and xians to Eretz Yisrael.  The second stage will be the acceptance of yeshu as messiah and G-d by Jews.  When this is accomplished, they believe, yeshu will return to rule from Jerusalem. 

In keeping with this xian and Jew united as one theme, Hanoch Young will be the "Orthodox Jew" co-leading this group. Watch Young in this video speaking at a "messianic jewish" conference in Orlando Florida in Nov. 2013.  I believe it says it all.

From the tour website,

"Dr. DeWayne Coxon will facilitate the logistics of the tour. He has planned and guided tours in Israel since the early 1980s and has travelled to Israel over 150 times since his first visit to the Land in 1965. Dr. Coxon is the President of Blossoming Rose, which is also the curator of an archaeology dig. He is responsible for the development of Biblical Tamar Park.

According to the 990 form filed by Blossoming Rose for 2012, their mission is;

"Educating constituency and hundreds of volunteers about Jewish/Israel needs and projects including land maintanence and development, archaeological, restoration and other ministry and humanitarian projects as well as hands on projects."

"To teach and educate volunteers and friends of Israel about their christian heritage and about the need to participate on hands-on work projects in Israel including land development and maintenance, archaeology restoration and to provide other assistance."

Another part of the Tour,

One of the unique things that tour participants will experience will be visiting several Jewish communities located in Judea and Samaria. An added bonus will be staying at Biblical Tamar Park, an ancient Jewish city south of the Dead Sea. Staying at Tamar Park will provide an opportunity to see how people from the times of Abraham, Moses, King David, and the Prophets lived in the desert.

Everyone who registers for this trip is invited to extend his or her tour experience and become a “Volunteer” at Tamar after the tour. This low cost experience is available for up to a maximum of 90 days. Long term volunteers pay only $20 a day for board and room and short term volunteers, who stay less than 30 days, pay $30 a day. Volunteers are needed in various work areas from horticulture to cooking, housekeeping, mechanical, and carpentry.

This is an another volunteer opportunity for xians to get a foot in the door of Israel.

Xian groups, including Hayovel, are creating non-agricultural volunteer opportunities in preparation for shmittah, otherwise they would be locked out of the land for a whole year which is unacceptable to them.

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Anonymous said...

Need to thank you (your blog) and that of Jewish, for exposing the spiritual tragedy now taking place in EY. More of this must be exposed to the public because most Jews, both in Israel and elsewhere know nothing of this chilul Hashem that is taking place.