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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Meet Hayovel volunteers, Ken, Brenda and Autumn Groat.  Autumn volunteered with Hayovel for the harvest 2013.  Ken volunteered for the pruning 2014 and the whole family arrived last month for the harvest with Hayovel.  The Groat Family created a board game called The Tribes of Israel to raise money for trip to Israel.

In an interview with a messianic blogger the Groat Family said,

We were inspired to make The Tribes of Israel game about 12 years ago after finding out we are part of Israel*.  We learned our identity by studying Scripture with another family the Father put into our lives. 

According to their blog called Preparation for Restoration (see side bar for explanation on restoration) 

"We are about preparing for the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel."

On the Groat Family blog, Autumn describes her time in Israel with Hayovel.  It is all disturbing but I will quote what I thought was the worst of it.

"Many times as we drove through Arab villages we would pray for them, that they would come to the knowledge of who Yeshua is and who Israel is."

"Anyway, the Jews know about our history because they have suffered from it. Because of this history it is hard for the Jews to trust Christians. They never know when the Crusade will happen. That is where the work of HaYovel comes in. We know that it was an action that caused the offense between Christians and Jews, so an action must be done to heal the breach. That is what we are doing, trying to heal the breach with love. It was really neat to actually see that happening. One wine maker said that he sees that we love HaShem (God). He saw that we don't worship idols and are just trying to serve HaShem just like they are. He said that we are brothers and that we can walk together. Restoration is happening right before our eyes!"

On 1 Kings 8:35,37-43
"They are several things I learned from this passage while in Israel. One was we are the foreigner. We are not Jews, but have heard what God has done. We came from far away (most of us from the US and Canada). So Solomon prayed that when we pray towards Jerusalem that God would hear us. Another point was brought up by Avraham Hermon (a man from Har Bracha that came and spoke to us a lot). He said that Solomon asked that God would answer the Jews prayer when there is famine, pestilence, locusts, and enemies. But when we pray Solomon asked the God would answer whatever we ask. "

"It was so encouraging to hear from a Jewish man that no one stands with Israel like HaYovel does. He said that HaYovel gives him hope for Israel. He called us the remnant of the remnant of the remnant."

"This year alone, our hands have touched 270,000 bottles of wine! The wine makers see us as a fulfillment of prophecy. They told us many times, “We want your DNA on our grapes!” "

"One day we were reading through the portion of Scripture where Abraham's servant goes to find a bride for Isaac. There is a great parallel here to our relationship with God. Abraham represents God, Isaac – the Messiah. Rebekah, who is to be Isaac's wife, represents us, who will be the bride of Christ. The servant is a representation of the Holy Spirit. So in order for Isaac to marry his bride, she had to be brought to the land of Canaan (what would be Israel). The servant asked Abraham what would happen if the women would not come. The answer was the wedding was off. It is the same for us. The Holy Spirit is sent to gather in Yeshua's bride. The wedding is set to be in Jerusalem. You can see the Spirit asking the Father, “What if she won't come?” The answer is the same, the wedding is off. I thought it was a neat parallel. It really shows that there is a reason why so many Christians are being drawn to the land of Israel. Today we are facing a battle of being detached from the Land. We can't do that, this is where the wedding will take place!"


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to know which wine is being produced by these volunteers so we can boycott?

Unknown said...

Seems Mr. Anonymous is bold enough to share his opinion but coward enough to hide behind his anonymous name and face. Oh well shows how convicted he or she really is.

I have met the Groat Family and can tell you,I'm proud to call them Israel! Thanks Groat family for all your hard work.

Geula Girl said...

Mr. Reddekopp, as Zac Reddekopp (a relative of yours?) is a frequent Hayovel volunteer I would expect you to defend the Groat Family. The facts speak for themselves no matter how much lying and deceiving, Wallers and Hayovel do. Their success(and time) in Eretz Yisrael is quickly drawing to a close. Such a shame that all these years of being exposed to the truth of Judaism they couldn't give up their lies and repent. Very soon they will suffer judgement.