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Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Orthodox" Jews collaborate, praise and even give an award to the founders of xian media outlet GLC

GLC, founded by Al and Tommy Cooper, sent out their end of year newsletter which shows very clearly they are an organization whose goal is to missionize Jews.

With phrases like "reaching the lost sheep of Israel" and "reach the lost with the good news of Yeshua" and "to the Jew first" I don't think there can be any doubt where these people stand on the "salvation of the Jews". What's even worse is the theology being pushed by the Coopers as they stated in a speech they gave at a ceremony in which they were honored by "Orthodox" Jews Ari Abramowitz and Sondra Oster Baras. The Coopers believe that the people of Israel, includes xians who are "grafted in" by their belief in yeshu. They believe this entitles them, and all those like them, to the inheritance promised to Avraham and his decendents i.e. the land of Israel.

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Aryel said...


Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel in my opinion are sell outs. For years they have ingratiated themselves so much to evangelical xians that they no longer can see that they are actually being used as "token Jews" to somehow give some sort of veracity and "kosher" status to the xian message. So bad was this ingratiation that I stopped listening to Arutz 7 since 2009/2010, as at that point, it had little to do with Judaism/Israel and more about xian theology. Please. Silly me to think that coming to what I believed a Jewish station I would hear about Judaism.

What actions does your forum advise we take to resist this abominable incursion in Israel? Do you believe that part of the problem is the use of "volunteer" labor (with chains to conversion tactics by these "loving" volunteers) by the owners of the vineyards? I know when I worked on a Kibbutz years ago, there was a zero tolerance for conversion tactics by the volunteers as in the prior group, there were several were asked to leave due to such disruptive tactics. Are things that bad they cannot get Jews to assist in the harvests? I'm just curious as to where the problem really lies. Thank you for your time.