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Saturday, October 18, 2008


IBA news did an interview (to watch CLICK HERE) with some of the parade participants. When asked "What kind of a reception do you get from the Israeli public as you're marching through the streets?", David Parsons from the ICEJ had this to say

"You know it's nice that the little children especially say welcome, welcome. They see our badges, they know these are xians from abroad and we you see the children are aware of who we are and what we are doing here. I think it speaks well of the next generation that there will be a whole nother level of friendship between us and that's very positive."

Another participant said

"We are an inheritance through Israel. We came to say peace be upon you. That it's not too late. The lord, the lion will roar from his mountain."

Not to late for what? To accept their "messiah"?

The xians pass out flags and candy to the children along the parade route but apparently, as you can see at the 4.33 mark, these children aren't deserving. Could it be because these are obviously chareidi children which the xians don't want to waste their candy on? They know that children who have a strong religious education aren't easy targets for them. Think I am crazy? Well the children who were dressed in a non-religous manner got candy as you can see at the 3.53 mark. This wouldn't have occurred to me if I hadn't seen with my own eyes a woman, passing out candy, push away a little chareidi boy when he came up to her with his hands out.

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