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Sunday, October 5, 2008


The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem was founded and is led by Robert Stearns and Jack Hayford. Jack Hayford is in the video on the first post on this blog. He helped with funding for King of Kings Prayer Tower and Pavillion in Binyan Clal. Robert Stearns runs an organization called Eagles Wings. One of the programs of his organization is Watchmen on the Walls. These "watchmen" were com-missioned Sunday at the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem event on Haas Promenade. The following quotes are from their website

Watchmen on the Wall Commissioning

After completing of the Watchmen on the Wall curriculum and prayer pilgrimage to Israel, participants are commissioned as Watchmen on the Wall, with official recognition from the State of Israel,the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem leadership, and Eagles' Wings. If participants travel on the Feast of Tabernacles trip, they will have the opportunity to be commissioned in a special ceremony in the city of Jerusalem.

To become a commissioned Watchmen on the Wall, you must complete the following...

Read the Watchmen on the Wall Training Manual and complete the assignments at the end of each chapter
Listen to the Watchmen on the Wall Teaching CDs, Volumes 1 and 2 OR Attend a Watchmen on the Wall Seminar
Watch the Obsession DVD OR the Relentless DVD
Answer four short essay questions
Make pilgrimage to Israel

There is a high level of spiritual authority conferred upon a Watchmen when Christian and Jewish religious leaders, as well as Israeli governmental leaders, officially commission a believer to be a Watchmen for Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish people. They may not feel any different when they pray, and they may not sound any different, but to both heaven and hell, their prayers will have more prayers of authority and more corporate weight behind them for breakthrough on behalf of Zion.

The actual commissioning service takes place in a strategic location, such as the rooftop of a Yeshiva overlooking the Western Wall or the Pavilion Prayer Tower in the heart of Jerusalem. Present at the ceremony are the Mayor of Jerusalem (or a key person from his office), members of the Israeli Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus, key leaders from Eagles’ Wings and the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, as well as representatives from forerunner ministries in the land who support Judeo-Christian efforts. Participants will hear first-hand from these various leaders the ratitude of the people they represent as they are officially commissioned as Watchmen. In response – before G-d and man - they repeat the solemn oath of the Watchman, and walk forward to receive a special Watchman pin and signed certificate from these gatekeepers, commemorating their spiritual promotion.

After being commissioned, there are many opportunities for those individuals to continue to apply what they have learned. Through initiatives such as the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, Christians United for Israel, and Watchmen teacher certification, Watchmen are able to take what they have learned and seen first-hand and become articulate ambassadors in their communities on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people.

Presented in cooperation with...

Ministry of Tourism
Knesset Christian
Allies Caucus

From the Watchmen training manual:

Since November of 2005, we have been working with members of the Israeli Government to officially commission anyone who successfully completes the Watchmen Training Program as an officially recognized “Watchman on the Walls” of Jerusalem. Both parts of the training, however, will be required before such a commissioning can be given.

Why? Just as an educator needs the experiential knowledge provided by “Student Teaching” to fully implement all of the teaching methodology, Watchmen need the vital knowledge gained by being in that unique “classroom” called Israel, to fully intercede with understanding and insight.

Secondly, the armies of both Heaven and Hell take quite seriously such spiritual authority conferred upon a believer by Christian Leaders and a nation’s government, and so must we. One can most effectively pray for Israel if one has actually been there.

In closing,we bless you for choosing to obey the divine trumpet call to the Church in this hour, to be “co-laborers with God”for His purposes and plans to manifest in this strategic place and people.

Why are our political and religious leaders involved in such a thing?

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