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Friday, October 3, 2008


Did you know there was a missionary tv station broadcasting the lies of xiantiy to the whole world from Yerushalayim?

As the only Christian television network to broadcast from Jerusalem, and in accordance with Psalm 122, GOD TV is committed to praying for peace and reconciliation in this region.

This weekend, make sure you’re tuned in to take part in the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem - LIVE from Jerusalem with Jack Hayford & Robert Stearns. Supported by over a thousand Christian leaders and with over 200,000 churches Participating from 175 nations, this Day of Prayer is a time for the world to Intercede for God’s purposes to come to pass in His Holy City.

We believe there’s an incredible week coming, when God is going to do something in you and through you unlike anything you’ve experienced!

Starting Monday, October 13, we will launch our Missions Week broadcasts from Jerusalem and Washington DC, to run in conjunction with the Feast of Tabernacles... the unique Jewish festival which celebrates the Lord’s supernatural provision...

During these live broadcasts, we will launch one of the most SIGNIFICANT OUTREACHES in GOD TV’s history... so don’t miss your date with destiny!

We will also be presenting you with an opportunity to make your personal mark on the Holy Land of Israel. You see, for every $25/£15 you sow into this Missions Week outreach, GOD TV will plant a tree in Israel in your name!

Precious One, this is no ordinary day and no ordinary challenge. Your gift will ensure that GOD TV continues to proclaim the life-giving, faith-building, destiny-altering TRANSFORMATION POWER OF GOD’S LOVE to a world in desperate need! And as you give toward our Missions Week campaign, you will be DRESSING THE LAND -- PREPARING THE WAY FOR CHRIST’S RETURN!

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