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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The second main organizer is the ICEJ, the International xian Embassy Jerusalem. Every xian here for the "feast" will participate in one of these two programs sponsored and organized by ICZC or ICEJ.

The ICEJ hosts and "Israeli night" at Binyanei HaUma. This is the one night their "feast" is open to the public. Israeli leaders speak on this night as if to the make the whole thing kosher.

Every night they have an hour of what they term "Hallel Chofshi" which is free worship. One guess as to whom they are worshipping. The headline on their website says
Join us in Jerusalem as we worship the Lion of Judah.

The Chief Rabbis issued a ruling last year for Jews not to participate in the parade or the Israeli night at Binyanei HaUma. Here is what the ICEJ had to say about last years "Feast"

Feast Pilgrims Ready for Jerusalem March
By David Parsons
02 Oct

Despite rabbinic ban, record crowd for ICEJ gathering gets warm welcome. A record attendance of over 7,000 Christian pilgrims from 90 nations will take part in the annual Jerusalem March on Tuesday as the Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, spills out into the streets of the Israeli capital to a warm welcome.
The Israeli public appears to be largely ignoring a rabbinic ban on Jewish participation in the march, as 30,000 Israelis are expected to join the Christian pilgrims in a colorful parade through central Jerusalem, with tens of thousands of on-lookers.The ICEJ's week-long celebration kicked off last Thursday evening and - already Israel's largest annual tourist event - has drawn its biggest crowd ever this year.
The Christian celebration of Succot has received a warm reception from Israeli leaders and the public at large, in seeming defiance of the Chief Rabbinate's recent ruling that Jews should steer clear of the gathering.
After opening at the Dead Sea oasis of Ein Gedi, the Feast has moved
up to the Jerusalem convention center, where Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert delivered a video greeting on Saturday evening, while Tourism Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch and MK Benny Elon, an Orthodox rabbi and head of the Knesset Christian Allies' Caucus, were on hand to also welcome the pilgrims to Jerusalem.

This year's "Israeli Night" is Motzei Shabbat and I beg all Jews to avoid it like the plague.

There are quotes by Israeli leaders from last year listed on the website. This is the one that appalled me the most.

Member of Knesset Benny Elon
Chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies' Caucus

"We thank you for being ambassadors of Israel. God gave us the miracle of this Land… We must fight for revival of the Land, the language and the customs. Go tell the world the right story and why we are here and teach them the Bible. We are here because there is a covenant between the God of Israel and us and it is an everlasting covenant! We love you. We need you. You are with us. Stay with us. Thank you very much!"

Which "right story" and which "bible" would that be? The xian story and bible say that G-d came to earth as a man born to a virgin and died as messiah and that now there is no difference between Jew and gentile. We are one now.

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